Thursday, July 24, 2014

Before and After Planters

I was browsing through pictures and realized how some of these planters had changed so I thought I'd post some before and afters!  Of course we're not done with summer but it's always fun to see how things have changed.

The Sweet Potato Vine is aggressive and causing the Geraniums to fight for their light and space. I usually use Vinca Vines but thought I'd try the Sweet Potato Vine this year.  The birds have been pulling out fiber from the coco liners for nesting.  I never realized they were doing that until I saw one on the planters by the house.

I had these under the eves of the house but moved them out early in July. These begonias are designed to take the sun and they seem to be doing better than they had been before in the partially shaded area.  

I already showed this last week but it shows the difference between the before and after

The Browallia has taken forever to start blooming.  The Sweet Potato Vine is filling in heavily here too.

The Supertunias always do well.  They've dwarfed the spike in the center.

This hanging basket looked better a couple of weeks ago with more flowers.  It seems to go in waves of blooms and then backs off a bit.  I've read that some plants don't like rubbing elbows with certain other plants.  Perhaps they don't like the geraniums!

These are my favorite.  The Gartenmeiser Fuchsia have really grown nicely and the hummingbirds love them.  I was worried I'd have to stake them but so far they are doing fine. They are supposed to be able to tolerate the heat better than other Fuchsias although our summer has been mild so I can't say for sure. 

My rusty buckets of impatiens have grown a lot.  These are the same impatiens as are around the fountain area.

I am happy with how well these have come along.  Love the color combo.  I haven't seen a lot of butterflies this year but they do love the Lantana

The Begonia has spread out and the Diamond Frost has filled in nicely.  There are some Caladiums in there but you can hardly see them.  See the violas popping out?  I've let them get leggy but they wouldn't show up much otherwise..  

The foxtail ferns have gotten a bit larger- they seem to fit in here nicely.  I cut a few pieces for an arrangement and they really last a long time.

 These "Sunpatiens" have been doing well.  They show signs of stress easily and definitely like to be kept watered.   I think they are heavy feeders too and need more fertilizing.

My first succulent garden attempt.  They are growing well and looking better than they did when I started. These only get the morning sun.  I read that they shouldn't be put in too sunny of a location.  I just wonder if I could give them more. 

The Violas are doing great.  I've had some trouble with chipmunks planting sunflowers seeds in them and also digging the plants causing some to die off but generally they are doing well.  We've had a mild summer so they haven't gotten to that point where they stop blooming. I just realized their coloring is different- probably because they're getting a lot of sun.   Perhaps I'll move them over to a more shaded area and see if that changes them.

This planted has gone wild!  The center has a white Supertunia but it's all but disappeared in the middle of these petunias.  I think I'm going to dig it out and give it it's own pot and let the petunias fill in.  

Well this has gotten long- there are a few more pots but I will stop here!


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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dusty Miller and Asiatic Lilies

Last post I made mention about this planter that the Dusty Miller had taken over.

Well they started out so trim and cute!

I should have known better than to plant so many of these- I forgot just how large Dusty Miller can get.

The Dusty miller branches out and got much taller and the Geraniums had all but disappeared!

So I snipped and snipped and snipped away at the Dusty Miller to give the Geraniums a chance to show up again.  I have a feeling I will be snipping for the rest of the summer to keep this under control!

I snipped it a bit again after I took this picture.  I think this will work out much better now.

The lilies have been blooming all around here.  I do enjoy how easy they are to grow and that they are low maintenance.
These are out front on the island
These are Tiny Bee, Dwarf Asiatic Lily

 Tiny Sensation, Asiatic Lilies

All of these bright yellow and orange ones are by the driveway.  

Part of my "pink" garden area near the deck
Tiny Spider, Asiatic Lily

These are the prettiest soft pink- love their coloring. 
These may be called Tiny Athlete- Asiatic Lily

 I always have my cell phone with me to snap a picture.  

I'm not positive but I think these are
Tiny Pearl, Asiatic Lily

These used to be by the garden path, I moved them thinking they were the orange ones.  A vole had killed off most of the lilies and I thought all the whites were gone.  The next year I got a surprise! They're pretty tall and look good next to the ornamental grass so I am happy with them here.

One more white one appeared in this area where I thought they were gone and these orange ones were supposed to be yellow (according to the Lowe's tag) but they all bloomed orange.  I'm thinking I'll finally move these orange ones to a new location.  I want something softer here so maybe they'll join the island out front!  

 It's been raining a lot and now the temp has dropped.  Today is expected to top out at 60.   I'm not complaining though especially when I hear that in the south their dealing with triple digit temps!

Good bye for now! 

I'm joining
Fishtail Cottage for
Garden Party #11

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Early July in the Garden

I've been pre-occupied with a few things lately and haven't gotten around to doing any posts. 
 I've taken various pictures over the last couple of weeks of bits and pieces of the garden.

A pot full of "Dreams Patriot Mix" petunias that I picked up for the Independence Day holiday.
We had another rainfall last night.  It's been great- the lawn looks like we have underground sprinklers!

Out front the island is in full bloom with Stella De Oro Lilies

I like how easy lilies are to grow and how reliable they are.

These giant Delphiniums are so tall- they tower over me.  The tag just refers to them as Magic Fountains (tall height)

They're bent over quite far but last year when I staked them they ended up breaking over just above the support so I decided to leave them alone.  I'm just thrilled they keep coming back.  I've had some that never reappeared after the first year.

I walked around the south side of the house and thought I'd show you a picture from the backside that I forget to take pictures of.  I keep it simple so the lawn mower doesn't have to go around anything.

The fountain pump is dieing a slow death.  Dan keeps fussing about which one to buy, but right now it's not strong enough to get the water up to the top and make a spray.  The impatiens have been doing well so I'm happy.

 I buzzed out early Saturday morning to capture this shot.
By the time I walked back to the house the sun was off of it.  
I added some Astilbe that you can barely see on the right side.

Last year I planted these Astrantia (Great Masterwort) Star of Fire
They all came back nicely and have been blooming for a bit.
The Sum and Substance Hosta (left of the statue) is huge this year!

The Endless Summer Hydrangeas are coming on strong now. 

They've just started to bloom

 These purple Supertunias finally filled in and spread out like I wanted to see them do.  The alyssum came back for the third year now which I love.    
This is the color combo I wanted to see.  The African Daisies require a lot of dead-heading to look nice.  They were blooming like crazy and the white geraniums weren't and now the white geraniums are kicking in and the daisies slowed down!

The sedum has been flowering

The fairies are busy keeping the garden up!
The chipmunks run through here and tip things over all the time.  

My ornamental grasses have started to merge together.  I need to pull some of it and get them separated again.  The lilies are blooming all over the yard.  
A few years ago I planted only pink or rosy pink flowers in this bed, so I call it my pink flower bed.  They're just beginning to bloom.  I added two Foxglove plants this year.  I hope to add more next year so that each year thereafter I will have blooms.  

  The morning glories have really taken off on the arbor.  
My gold flame spirea has been blooming (on the right) and needs to be trimmed since it's taken over the walkway!

 I'm not fond of these red geraniums I put in.  They aren't heavy producers and seem to be easily overtaken by the other plants.  I've got a bunch of them out back with some dusty miller and they've been taken over.  I guess I have to "trim" the dusty miller to help them be more visible. I think they are considered a "seed" geranium.  I should have paid attention because I believe Zonal geraniums flower much better.

You can see a hint of that planter here.  I'm either going to remove some of them and put them in the ground or trim them. 

These are the Annabelle hydrangeas.  It's the largest it's ever been and full of blooms!  I guess that nasty winter we had didn't hurt it at all!

 I love this trailing tuberous begonia "Illumination Rose"
It is messy though, everyday there are blooms on the ground.
That's my succulent planter on the left I put together.  It's growing well now- seemed to take forever to get going though.  I will have to bring it in for the winter though so I hope it doesn't get too big!

 The White Bacopa seems to be clustered to one area.  I was being frugal and only planted one instead of 2 or 3 which I should have.  I had visions of training it to trail through to the other side (forgot that one!)  You can see how much my container plants have grown by looking at this post from back in May "here"

I love the fancy frilly look these geraniums have.

 My big "Dairy" planter is doing great.  I keep moving the Pink Supertunias away from the white '"Sunpatiens" that are in the center to try and help it show up more.  Those Supertunias really take over!

Love this color combo.  I got the Garden sign at a cute garden center in Pennsylvania last year.  It's cast iron and reminded me of something from the 30's for some reason.

I moved these planters out from under the eaves by the house to see if they begonias would flower better.  This particular one's tag said part shade/sun so I'm giving them more sun!   I'm watching the impatience down below.  So far I haven't seen them getting too much sun but if they have more green than flowers I'll have to put them in deeper shade.  This one has a lot of flower buds that should be open soon. 
These Gartenmeister Fuchsia's are like little trees now!  I turned the pots around because the White Alyssum was growing towards the brighter light and the backside became empty.  The hummingbirds love these.

  An overview of the back area.  Those of you who follow me may remember my "topiary lilac" which is just behind the cottage in the fairy garden.  I trimmed up some lower branches which caused the tree to be thinned a bit when they were removed (hence the gaping holes).  Next year it will look better.  I decided to stop trimming it into the "formed" look that it usually has and I'm going to let it have a more gentle rounded look.  It's higher up now too which will work out better all the way around.
September 2013
This is the topiary (on the left) from last year.  I know it looks attractive all neat and formed but I end up trimming it too much and then I have few blooms in the spring because it cuts into next years growth. 

These "Bubble Gum" Supertunias are growing like crazy.  They'll be trailing down along the sides soon!

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