Friday, September 9, 2016

Breaking Up With My Daylilies

Over the past weekend I dug up my Daylilies along the half wall by the patio.
This is before I started.  I have three areas with two types of daylilies planted in between some shrubs.

I separated the two types of lilies so I could keep track of which was which.  My soil has become very rich after many years of putting down shredded hardwood and cedar bark.  We have a fair amount of sand in our soil so this has helped build a rich organic soil.

After digging I shook off most of the soil and I cut all the tops off which also helps with handling them.  The main reason to cut the tops off tough is to allow the plant to put it's energy into the root system while getting re-established and not so much into the plant.

My plants were easy to spit- I just used my hands and pulled sections apart.

I made a hole large enough to set the roots into and spread them out a bit.  These were'nt huge so it was easy to work with them.  You only have to bury them enough to have the soil cover the roots and just barely cover the crown area.

I deliberately planted them close to the wall because all the flowers were always stretching towards the wall the capture more sunlight so this way they'll get more sun and I wanted to transplant these two hostas more towards the center so they'd have more room to grow.  

My soil is very easy to dig and I just dug around the plant and gently lifted the clump and moved them to their new spot.  I have more hostas I want to move into the other two areas.  

I put the extra lilies in bags separating the two varieties and gave them to my neighbor.  

I only kept this one variety which is the Sunday Gloves as seen from an older picture here.  

I have another variety of solid light green hostas that are fairly small I'm planning to move over in front of these two that I just moved.  It heated back up so I wanted to wait until we cooled back down before I move them.  I't's been raining on and off all week with more coming on Saturday.

The gardens are winding down.  These phlox have been blooming a long time.  

I enjoy seeing the flowers on the plant and rarely cut my own to bring indoors.  The blackeyed Susan's are always so cheerful and reliable.

A gangly looking hibiscus has finally bloomed.  We plan to remove all the red lava we put down in the 90's but it's a bear of a job so we are still procrastinating on it.  I will amend the soil once we've done it and I'm hoping the hibiscus will be happier then.

I always love seeing these blooming- they look so tropical!

I hope your end of summer days are going along nicely!  For us it's a very pleasant time of year.  Temps are mostly in the 70's and at nighttime it cools into the 50's- great sleeping weather!

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Hydrangeas and Garden Fountain

Happy Friday! 
 This are quiet around here- not much going on.

 Having my morning coffee and noticed the sun prancing through the hydrangeas.

I didn't see any bees but I noticed a lot of ants on them today.

First signs that these are starting to turn to the next stage of color.

One of the late blooms on the Endless Summer Hydrangeas.  

 I cut a lot of my Annabelle hydrangeas and staged them in this pot to dry.

I walked out back for a few pics of the fountain.  

I took a quick video you can watch and listen! It was longer but a big noisy truck went by on the road and ruined the sound so I had to trim it.

Evening shot with the sun once again!

I need to get productive and dig my iris out and split them up as well as move a few other plants I have in mind.  Right now I just feel like looking at it all and not working on it!

Hope you have a great weekend and don't "Labor" too hard over this Labor Day Weekend!

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tickled Pink!

I'm so happy I'm tickled  pink!

 My Pinky Winky Hydrangea has actually turned pink for the first time!

I guess it is either just right conditions this year or more likely it just needed to get established.  I was lazy this year and didn't even fertilize. 

 This was it when I first planted it in 2010 

Little things like this make me so happy!

These Limelights are so huge this year.  They're so soft and fluffy!

 Last of the Blackeyed Susans -

These are ready for drying.  They'll be brown before I know it.

All the rain has greened up the drying grass and the Rose Of Sharon is blooming better than ever.  Last year I gave it a good trim to re-shape it. 

This has been a rewarding summer!  

 This is a video I took in July of the bumblebees collecting pollen from the 
Annabelle Hydrangeas
 For some reason the quality isn't as good as it should be but I don't know how to fix it.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Rain Pumps up the Beauty

I took a walk around on Sunday after the rains had stopped for a bit.

My original fairy garden location sits quietly.  I am planning a different strategy next year and plan to put a little bit of fairy activity back out here.  Grass barely grows out back.  The trees compete for the moisture with their roots and the shade isn't favorable for grass- not even what they call "shade grass".  

I turned and saw how the  evening sun was highlighting the ferns so I snapped a shot.  

My big planter with the wire orb has reached it's peak.  

The planters out by the fountain were supposed to have yellow, red and white flowers.  The yellow violas disappeared and the New Guinea impatiens have been fussy.  New plans for next year once again.

Things look messy after a rain yet the plants always look healthy and crisp in color.  When you live by big trees there is always something coming down to the ground.  We put in some flower pots that we added a screen to go make the sound of the water a little softer.  The birds land on them and the screens fall in.  We need a better design but it really works.

This looks like a little park doesn't it.  I didn't plan it that way but that's how it looks.  I like to sit out here and relax for a bit.  There is always a big difference in the temperature here than back at the house. 

These impatiens have done okay but not my favorite choice.  Perhaps I will consider a different approach for next year.  I have a lot of hostas and ground cover that can fill in where the annuals have been going.  They're not as prone to drying out and needing that extra water as often either.  We shall see.

These fox tail ferns haven't done as well as in previous years  They just kicked out a bunch of new growth.  I used a different potting soil this year with composted cow manure- I think a bunch of these plants struggled with it.  I'm always amazed when I pull them out.  The whole thing is nothing but a big root ball and tough.  I wish I had a way to keep things going in the house.  I simply have no good area for plants.  

Looking back towards the house.  The hostas that are overlapping the walkway further down are under consideration to move.  I like the gently overlapping affect of plants along the walkway but they've become too large.  

The old ash tree stump is steadily growing more fungus.  

I looked it up and I believe it's called Turkey Tail Mushroom.  I guess the conditions were especially good for it this year!

The old wagon has turned out great this year.  The wagon handle has nearly disappeared into the impatiens.  

Well I guess that's it for today's tour....

Oh wait one more- I am in love with these pretty hydrangeas.  They have such a vibrant pink color and a star like white center.  City line Paris- bigleaf hydrangea.  Hybrid dwarf from Germany- doesn't need pruning.

Okay once again that's it for today's tour...
As always think you for following and commenting!

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Late Summer Gardens

 Boy time is flying past too quickly.

 I just love these Cone Flowers (Echinacea) These are called Secret Affiar from the Secret Series.  There are similar versions by other suppliers but I happen to think this one is  the best I've seen.  They have an added bonus of a light scent too!  The yellow flowers are a Heliopsis called Tuscan Sun.  The white flowers are another variety of Cone Flowers.  

This is from 2014 when I planted these.
The lilacs have gotten a lot bigger and I've lost all the lilies you can see on the right.

This is it in 2016
The Cones on the right are weak mainly because of the big blue spruce nearby that creates too much shade for them.  The Russian Sage struggles too looking for more sun.  There is a Helenium plant (Sneezeweed) on the left that's just about done blooming.  I was ready to dig all this out and forget it because it looked pretty crappy early on this summer.  We gave it more attention with the sprinkler and it kicked right in gear and got going.  

 I refer to this as my "forgotten garden" because it is hidden by the big blue spruce.  

 There is a small plant growing by the spruce that I'm convinced I planted many years ago and has come back from extinction.   If you recognize the leaf and know what it is let me know!

This hibiscus- Rose of Sharon is blooming a little bit earlier than previous years.  I looked back at a couple of older posts and it showed it blooming as late as September 12th.  It will look a little fuller in the coming week.

 I cut this Limelight Hydrangea back quite severely last year because it had become quite wide and interfered with getting by it when Dan mows the lawn.  I wasn't sure how it would react but as you can see it did great.  The center seems to have grown tall and left a middle area with few blooms.  

It was very sunny and I used the spruce tree to get away from the glare but it made for a darker shot of the hydrangeas.  This one gets a fair amount of sun as compared to the ones out back.

I'm going to cut a bunch of these blocking the path and send my daughter home with them when she visits this weekend.  

In November of 2011 I purchased this little Christmas Cactus.

It's done a lot of growing and I decided it needs to be transplanted it into a larger pot.  I ordered the pot on-line and it's quite a bit larger.  I am going to re-pot it right away so it can get comfortable before it comes back in the house.  I've kept it outdoors all summer in the shade and it's healthy as can be.  The planter is a bit large but the plant should be able to survive in it for many years to come.

These are the last of the hostas that are flowering.  The hummingbirds enjoy them so I let them grow.  I took this in the evening.

 Everything is kind of shaggy now.  The plants are at their fullest.  The Annabelle hydrangeas have turned green and are just about perfect to cut and dry.  The boots found a new spot to hang out. 

You'll find me sitting here in the evenings relaxing and watching the sprinkler watering the plants.  It's been a wonderful summer here.  We've had a fair amount of hot days and warm nights but no complaints!  

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