Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Finally My 2nd Cottage

I ordered this new cottage on May 9th and it took until now for it to arrive. 

I had prepared a foundation for it this spring so all I had to do was to set it in place. 
I had chosen a bright green roof so it wouldn't match the red roofed cottage. 

I asked for a brown door, bleach shutters and the little scrollwork piece in black to go above the door.  Thankfully they got it all right!

The bright green sedum was planted there knowing I had the cottage coming. 

I found another garden cart like my old one that was crushed in my little accident I posted about the other day.  I decided it would show up better on the bright green sedum.

I've relocated a few fairies. 

When I fell last week the new cottage would have probably caused me more injury and likely have been damaged.  Perhaps it was divine intervention that caused the cottage to be delayed so long?

The little guy on the bench lost part of one leg. I can't find it either - must have gone deep in the ground.

I've had to start trimming the alyssum as it is really taking over.  Not complaining because this is the way I wanted it to look.

I planted some Moss Rose here too and I love their little flowers mingling in with everything!

Next year I'll probably set things up a little differently and create a new look.

It just rained for five minutes and now the sky is clearing!  It cooled things off.  It's been pretty hot here- how about in your area?
Thank you all for your kind comments on my previous post.  I appreciated hearing from you.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Crashing On my Fairy Garden

I debated on sharing this story but since I feel my blogging is a bit of a diary about my life I decided to go ahead and share it.

 Early last Thursday....
....we were under a severe thunderstorm warning.  Since were were warned of high winds and possible haile I decided to use this spare umbrella to cover my hydrangea so it wouldn't get damaged.  

I toddled out a while after the storm to remove the umbrella.  Then I proceeded to walk up and around to the flagstone patio area to add some stakes to the Annabelle Hydrangeas.  They tend to fall over easily and it had been on my mind to do for 2 weeks.

This should have been posted for me!
 This is where I started walking towards the hydrangea. 

I later figured out that this cement leaf shaped piece is what caused the trouble I am about to unfold.   The bottom side is round and I unknowingly stepped on it so it was like trying to stand on a ball.   Over I went like a building collapsing and I came down hard.

I crashed across all of this and left a path of destruction as shown below.

 I fell into the cement cottage, broke the light and some small pieces.

 My upper arm and head crashed into this area.   Thankfully these pieces fell over easily.

I knocked the wood stump over and broke a bunch of the hydrangea plant off.

 The little garden cart was smashed to smithereens.

 Somehow I didn't damage a thing in this area.

We have a trail camera mounted on a tripod that we often run in the evenings to see what is visiting my gardens.  It was still on and it captured part of my fall.  This is the only picture I'm sharing!  I got back up as fast as I could and when I  stood up I looked down and saw that my leg was inured and I was bleeding.  All I could think to do was to get inside. 

If you are squeamish you might not like this next picture.

 Both legs and knees got injured but this was the worst.
I took this picture in haste to send to my hubby because I was hoping he could come home.  I have never been hurt where I bled so badly and frankly I think I was in shock. 

I have giant bruises on my upper arm, and my ankle/foot area bruised up too.

Dan was on his way but by then I had made it to the bathroom to clean up my leg and get something on the wounds.  I sobbed a bit and in my silliness worried more about the destruction of my fairy garden than anything. 

 Later on when I got my courage up I went back out.  Dan had to take the light apart and was able to restore it.   

 He went above and I handed him the stakes and he helped me get the hydrangea standing up again.  I lost about 1/2 of the stems but frankly I thought it was worse.

 I haven't been doing much because I have new aches that appear each day.  I decided to lay low and let my body recuperate.  I took the wheels from the smashed garden cart and placed one along side of the cottage.

 I set the other wheel inside this grape vine wreath and I think it looks nice there. 

See how the corner of the brick is missing a little bit!  I think that's what got my right knee so badly plus the metal arbor and flower pot.

The bunny which had been setting near the garden cart got a new safer home on the rocking chair.

I'm much better today and ever so grateful this didn't turn out worse.  
Who knew gardening could be so dangerous!!


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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Eary Morning in the Backyard Garden

I did a quick run around the backyard this morning to capture a few more pictures. 

 Standing a ways back I use my zoom and focus on the white impatiens which ends up creating a softened background.  I love that affect- kind of dreamy :-)

I know you've seen this view before but I like how the path was lit by the sun...

Turning around to this pie shaped garden area that the garden pathway follows and is one side of the patio.

 Love how this hosta took over this area.  I believe it was 2 or 3 hostas that were planted next to a tree that used to be here.  They've converged and made a very large clump!

These bright green hostas are called Amber Tiara.  They're a good border size hosta.  I'm planning to move them (early fall)  over to the area shown below in the next picture.  These guys are getting crowded out here.

 These two hostas were new last year.  They're doing very well this summer and I'm quite happy with them.  Notice how the day lilies are all pointing towards the West...looking for the sun!   I think I am going to lift these lilies and move them closer to the wall and then center these two hostas since they will eventually get a lot larger.   The amber tiara hostas from above can be planted in this area close to the stones and I think it will look great.

These are called Gypsy Rose.  Reading up on it I found it's a sport of another hosta called Striptease which I also have on the hosta island.

 Dappled sunlight for a few moments each morning. 

Notice the white lily in the forefront?  I broke down and replaced the one that was there before that the voles ate last winter.  I ran across it at Lowe's.  

 A few hours later I went out for a better picture of this are.  The white campanula has been blooming a good week now.  The sedum I planted a few years ago are all doing well.
 Notice my visitor- Mr. Chipmunk?

They're always so cute to see but they do anger me.  They dig holes to bury sunflower seeds that they find on the ground by the bird feeders and I've had to tidy up the fairy garden because of them. 

These Annabelle hydrangeas are one of my absolute favorites.  We had a good rain the other day and it caused them to fall over a bit.  That's the only negative to these big mophead type hydrangeas- they can be too heavy for their own stems!  I'm going to go out and add some stakes to them to keep them from breaking.

Wishing you a wonderful day!


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Friday, July 15, 2016

Island Out Front- Mid July

I took a few more pictures in the early evening of the front island.

 Don't you just love it when a bunch of your flowers are blooming altogether!

When I first spotted these Shata Daisies at the garden center I liked how their flower heads stood straight up facing the sky and they start out a soft yellow and grow to a white color as they mature.  I cannot find any notes on the name of these which disappoints me greatly.

 I'm so pleased that this delphinium keeps coming back each year.  In the past I've had some that seemed to go for a couple of years and then just disappear.    Now I want another one, or two or three!

The coreopsis is at it's best right now!

 On the right is a large patch of Black Eyed Susan's that will be the next pop of color!

 I'm glad I made this border of coreopsis- they do well and make a great display.  

 We have been a little neglectful about keeping the edge of the island looking groomed this year.  We decided to forgo getting mulch this year- we'll catch up on it next year!

 I'm so tickled with the Butterfly Bush plant- it's gotten larger each year and makes such a nice display.  Great summery colors- orange, purple and yellow!

The purple looks so good standing next to the yellow.
Speedwell- Veronica and Zagreb Coreopsis

 When we created this island it was to cut down on some of the noise from the road out front and it has helped.  The blue spruces were much smaller then and I thought I had made enough room for their growth.  We've expanded the island 2 times afterwards and the spruce tree keeps getting larger!  I love seeing the branches go to the ground but it does present a problem with mowing around it on the other side.  I'm debating removing a few lower branches.  I just don't want to ruin it's looks so I need to be careful.

I'll leave you with this bouquet of flowers and wish you a very happy weekend.


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