Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Little "Fairy" Notoriety

A couple of months ago I was contacted Sarah Elms at our local newspaper the Record Eagle and asked to do an interview about fairy gardening. 

Since it was March and most of my fairy garden was put away we did a phone interview and I shared pictures with Sarah that she had chosen from my garden blog.

I snapped pictures from the magazine.  I was so tickled to see this two page spread as the beginning of the article.  

Sarah's focus was to talk about the growing popularity of Fairy Gardening.  She interviewed a few people and different parts of the conversations are included throughout.

She wanted a picture of me so I set up a tripod and used my timer to take the picture shown in the upper left corner.  Early in March we had a complete meltdown of snow and I brought out some of my fairy garden pieces.  These pictures are from several different posts on my blog.

 I'm so pleased that Sarah chose me to include in her story. I was a little shy about doing it but I'm glad I let my guard down and went for it!

 I've also created fairy gardening in containers.  This can be rewarding especially if you don't have much space or garden beds.

This is my first fairy garden area.
All my Fairy Garden posts can be found if you go to my search bar and type in Fairy Garden.  Because of the heavy snowfall we get up here I put my fairy garden accents away every fall.  I change things up a bit each year since I have to bring it all out again.  

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed my 15 minutes of fame!

This is a "link" to the Grand Traverse Scene magazine.  My story begins on page 34.
If that doesn't work well then use this "link" and select the story about "Fairy Gardens Growing Whimsy". 

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Turkey Entertainment

Good Saturday morning! 

Old Tom Turkey and his ladies came out of the woods to visit.  He is trying desperately to get their attention.

 Oh good- a response... 

Darn... I guess not


Ladies.... see me!!!  Hello..... 

Hmph....they're ignoring me

Let's head off this way- maybe he'll get the message and leave us alone!

 I see you...come back!

 Darn it all!

Hmmm..... perhaps I need to perfect my skills!

I'm going out to clean up more of the beds and enjoy a nice day.
I hope you have a great one too!
Happy Spring!

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Spring Finally Sprang

Since I last wrote on my blog we had a couple of snow storms and a warm up and then back to the frigid temps and finally it seems like all that nonsense is over and spring has sprung!

 The purple Primrose came back from last year and just started shooting out flowers which I was so grateful to see.  I just added the pink and yellow ones- now that I know they're hardy enough to come back I'm willing to invest more into them.  A rabbit has eaten off my tulips already but the daffodils are working their way up. 

We made a trip to Home Depot for supplies so of course I had to meander out in the garden center.  These violas cried out to me- take me, take me, you know you want me!  So I obliged!

Even though we have to empty off the lawn furniture to re-stain the deck we just couldn't resist bringing all of it out.  Aren't these the sweetest faces!

In my ever so delicate way I was trying to remove debris from the winter and ended up breaking off a crocus so of course I rushed in the house and put it in the little tiny vase.

Happy Spring Everybody!

I'm Joining:
Spring Garden Party

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Birthday, Sun and Snow

Well this has been an interesting week- especially the last 2 days!
 These are not sunlit pictures but I'll start off with these and work my way up to sunshine!

 Wednesday evening we started to get slammed with the storm they were promising.  Though it was not as bad as it could have been it was so disappointing to see after we had already melted down and it truly felt like spring around here.  I zoomed in on this picture because of the interesting wavy design of the snow on the roof.  

 Thursday evening when the snow had stopped. 

 The Fairy Garden under snow!

 Daughter and husband at a restaurant- two rays of sunshine in my life!  

 My mug...on my birthday.  My friend Linda from California sent me this centerpiece arrangement.  I decided to hold it up to show off the pretty flowers. 

I didn't want a whole cake for my birthday so I settled for a pretty cupcake from the bakery!

 The day after my birthday the sun is out and a welcome sight!

 We're visiting family for Easter and I pray that this will have melted!
The robins have arrived so we're going to put out some meal worms for them since they can't get to the ground easily!

Wishing you all a Happy and Blessed Easter!

My Little Home and Garden

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunny Moments

Another Sunlit Sunday!
I was on the phone chatting in the living room and one of my cats "Teddy" jumped off the sofa to do some sun bathing.  No time to do a fancy set up so I just snapped a quick shot.

With Easter nearing I have set up an Easter Egg tree and I caught a shot with a little sunshine on it.  My Mom always put one together when we were kids and I've revived the tradition in my home now for several years.

 Teddy had been enjoying the sun until it moved off.  

The Christmas Cactus is still blooming.  The daffodils that I had brought in from outside (and talked about in my last post) have grown a lot taller but there is no sign of any flowers coming yet.  

It is a nice sunlit morning today.

A frosty sunlit morning!  Even though it's a bit early we put out our patio table and umbrella last weekend.  To say we have cabin fever is an understatement!

Happy Sunlit Sunday!

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