Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall is upon us....

Fall is upon us in northern Michigan.  Some trees are already turning colors.  This is a large Ash tree that always is the first to turn color and lose it's leaves.  We have been having ground injections done around the base of the tree to try to save it from the Emerald Ash Borer.  They get in underneath the bark of the tree and eat away at it until it kills it.  The injections are to make it toxic so the bug doesn't want to eat it.

This is just another view of the tree and our driveway with the Blue Spruce trees....we have had to have them treated for Cooley Spruce Gall.  They get sprayed twice in the spring to treat the Gall.  It looked like pine cones to us at first, but then we found out it wasn't. They seem to be all better now.

A shot of the can see how large the trees are around us... Pretty soon that nice green yard will be covered in leaves!

This is my new hydrangea call Pinky Winky....It's on the right corner of the house by the arched windows.  Once it get's taller the color should be great as a contrast against the house....

I love the fall colors and the great blue skies we get at this time of year....
I am looking forward to many more beautiful pictures of the fall season, hope yours will be a good one too!


Hello and welcome to my garden site. I hope you enjoy my garden.

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