Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Poinsettias and Christmas

Feliz Navidad!  
I was curious about why the Poinsettia 
has become so customary to have at 
Christmas time (at least in the U.S. it is).  
I don't know what other countries
do for their holiday decorating but the 
Poinsettia is definitely a favorite around 
Christmas here in the U.S.
This year I picked out three small
plants and put them in the basket so
it would look like one larger one!
This one is called Jingle Bells-
a particular favorite of mine!

As I said before I was curious about the
reason for the poinsettia becoming a
tradition and so I looked it up and
this is what I found:
 "The holiday's connection to the poinsettia originated with a Mexican legend. With nothing to give to the Christ Child, a youngster picked a bouquet of weeds as an offering. As the gift was presented, the weeds transformed into brilliant red blooms. Since then, the plant is known in Mexico as Flores de Noche Buena (Flowers of the Holy Night), or just nochebuena for short. The poinsettia's red "flowers" aren't actual flowers. They're bracts (modified leaves), and the little yellow centers are the flowers."

They don't like to get too cold and 
they are definitely not hardy to the 
freezing temperatures.

I'm pleased to show you that my
Amaryllis really grew and it looks
like I am going to have a bloom
for Christmas!
The other identical one has leaves but
no flower coming yet.  I guess that
will be a couple more weeks away!
My Christmas Cactus has just finished
blooming but there are a new set
of buds coming on it so I'm pleased
to see that!
I'll have to read up on this again.
It seems to me that sometime next
fall I have to put it in a cool, dark room
for a while so it will promote it
to bloom again?  Something like that.

Well everybody I hope you're not 
getting stir crazy already! It's hard
to go from being outdoors in the garden
and doing yard work to being indoors so 
much of the time.  
I'll bet you are all plotting your 
next dig in the spring!!

Take care and have a
Very Merry Christmas!
Peace, Love, and Joy to All!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Winter Gardening and Holiday Ideas

I can't leave well enough alone!  
I went to a garden center with the most fabulous plants this
past weekend called Bordines, 
in Rochester Hills, Michigan my home town.
 My kitchen window will serve as my
winter Garden
 A Cyclamen
 A Christmas Cactus
 And my Amaryllis that are growing!
Maybe there is hope for it to bloom
by Christmas...they do move fast 
once they get going!

While visiting at Bordines I went in one
of the greenhouses that had natural
wreaths, baskets and planters
 on display and the aroma was 
 Hanging baskets of boughs, pine cones
and ribbon
 Maybe you'll be inspired by these
hanging baskets and planters.
 They told me if you spray "wilt-pruf" on the
greens and mist them they will last longer.
Of course if you have snow that will
do too!
 These are big- probably 4 to 5 ft.
tall with the sticks.
 They have them in peat containers
obviously you could dress that up
or set it in another pot
Many variations of greens are used.
 Their natural wreaths were all beautiful

I think if you scratch and sniff 
the screen you can smell these!

 See the Protea or Proteas flowers? 
A little Hawaiian influence!
 I like the different greens they used
My favorite one
 They hold classes and showed
people how to make these
ribbon wreaths
 A couple of samples of ribbon
Wish I knew how they did this! I got these
pictures from their Facebook page.
Perhaps if you go to Pinterest there
will be some pictures and tutorials.
I would attend something like this 
if I lived a couple hundred miles

Winter is coming here.  We have a light dusting
of snow today and are expecting more
this week.
How's it going in your neck of the woods?

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Appreciation

Hello- and a Happy Thanksgiving 
wish to all!
Michigan is gearing up for winter as I am 
sure many of your States are too!
I'm already dreaming about next year 
and hoping for another great one in 2012!  
This years garden was a pleasure to watch, 
the weather was great and despite some 
vole problems early in the year it was a 
successful gardening year.

While visiting another blogger I was 
awestruck with his posting and he reflected 
my feelings exactly.  Please take a moment
to visit the blog of 
(Click the link above)
 and enjoy a beautiful journey
through his gardens of 2011!

I hope you all have a blessed 
Happy Thanksgiving.
Even though our country seems to have a
lot of strife these days we do have a lot 
to be grateful for.


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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Amaryllis for the Holidays

Well I'm going for it again!
I bought two Amaryllis bulbs at
Lowe's yesterday.
It says 8 weeks till bloom so
I guess I can't count on them 
for Christmas! Darn!
 I was impressed that they came with
their own ceramic pot and for
$8.98 I thought that was a deal!
Of course they usually get a little floppy
and need support but it's enjoyable
to see something blooming in
the winter!
So you get two discs of compressed 
peat moss and dirt 
They instructed me to put the discs in the
pot and add two cups of warm water
to each pot.
Once they absorbed all the water
they filled the pot.  I fluffed a fork
to loosen.
Then I started to sculpt out a hole
for the bulb.
There was way too much soil 
Don't worry I sanitized the counter
when I was done!
 I compressed the soil as I went along
and filled it right up to the top.  
You leave 1 to 2 inches of the bulb
above the soil.
All ready!  Now GROW!!
I put them in the sunniest spot I have
and as you can see we got snow
last night.  It will melt soon 
but for now I'm glad to be inside all
warm and cozy!
 This is one I grew in the winter of
It grew to almost 40" tall
It was difficult to keep it
supported.  They don't usually
get this tall, I just happened to
pick one out that did!
I got a 2nd 
shoot off of it and it bloomed
again. I had this going through
It was one of the prettiest reds I've 
ever seen...I just wished I had it
blooming during the Christmas
This was last years.  Not quite as spectacular.
I've decided I prefer the reds, especially for the
holidays!  These were sold for the 
Susan G. Komen for the cure, for Breast Cancer
research.  A very worthy cause.
Have you ever grown Amaryllis?  It's
extremely easy! Keep them watered 
and watch them grow!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


With the Thanksgiving Holiday approaching
and all that Turkey we will be eating- 
I thought it was rather ironic to see these
wild Turkey's show up!
Little do they know how some would like
to go after them!
Myself, I'm just a peaceful observer.
I love nature and I love that these birds feel
comfortable enough to visit!
Bare with me on the poor quality. 
I'm having camera problems. 
A new camera is on m Christmas list!
They are funny to watch, they literally run
out of the woods and head into the property.
I shot this one from the bedroom...there is
a screen on the window
so it added some interference.
They come by the bird feeding station
and scratch around for food.  

A pair of them went for a drink at the bird bath...
Bet you haven't seen that before!
 They don't stay more than 5 to 10 minutes
 They wander off foraging for more to eat!
They will head out back to the field and work
their way across the fields.  They come here
quite often, especially lately!

One of the reasons I fell in love with the
area we live in is the great birding we have.
I've seen more varieties here than I ever had
my whole life.  There are various reasons for
this being a good birding area.  There is a
lake not far away to our West, there is a
large open field behind us to the East and on
 our South side we have this tall stand
of woods.
So many species of birds have the type of
landscape they prefer all in a small area.
Our back yard is friendly to them too
and with the bird feeding station we
created they have access to food all
the time.

We installed this last year. A tall 12 ft.
pressure treated post was installed.
The black baffle is to prevent the
squirrels, chipmunks, and raccoons
from getting up the post.  The bottom of it is
3 ft. off the ground so the raccoons can't s
tretch up there and try to get on.
They are very crafty!
The hangers are sold for hanging baskets.
I had them mounted upside down because
they hold the feeders better.
We mounted them at different heights
and all the birds seem quite happy with it.
It really works too...no critters get up there
to eat!

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Friday, November 11, 2011


First Snow!
Looking a bit bleak wouldn't you say?
 I don't know about you, but my mind is already
on Thanksgiving Day and I can smell
the turkey and pumpkin pie!!
 Have you ever read  
(click on this link below)

It wasn't a lot but enough to stick to 
surfaces!  It will be melted by early
afternoon!  Thank goodness!  
I'm way behind on my outside duties. 
I lost two weeks with
family matters and moving my 
daughter to her new apartment 
about 200 miles away. 
This weekend is supposed to be dryer
so I will be outside finishing up my 
tasks.  I haven't even emptied my 
pottery yet!  
Time to put away the lawn furniture and 
all my pottery before the big snow comes! 

Today is also Veterans Day
In honor of my Father and
all Veterans
Thank-you for your
service and commitment for
all of us.
My father served in the Air Force during 
World War II. 
He was part of the 
China-Burma-India Theater
also know as "the Hump"
He was stationed in India

You can read about 
"the Hump"

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