Monday, February 21, 2011

Finding Inspiration as Winter Drags On

These Cyclamen have been blooming since Christmas when I got them...they are on a 2nd round of flowers and are a welcome sight with this white landscape...
 These birds seemed to be staring me down asking for more food!  
We had some intense winds a few days ago and it blew all the food out of the feeders... We accommodated them after our coffee...they all seemed appreciative!
 This feeder is right outside my sliding back door...the Chickadee and I were mind melding!
 My little girl statue stands vigilant out in the winter weather looking like she's dressed with a hat and scarf...waiting as I am for spring!
 The squirrels were enjoying our brief melt down last week..we actually saw our driveway for the first time since early December!  They are good scavengers..eating any bird seed that falls to the ground!
 I stare out here thinking about how it looks in the summer...
Our life seems as though we live like the people in the movie Dr. Zhivago...
I'd prefer something a little greener though!
Which would you prefer?  

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tiny but potent!

Tiny but potent!  
These paperwhites are giving me great joy at this stage of the winter doldrums....  It's nice to be reminded of the nice things mother nature gives us!
They do give off a potent fragrance!

This is how I view them everyday from my desk...I am enjoying it!  Can't wait for the other bulbs to grow and put on a color performance for me!
See my previous posting as to what else is planted in the pot here...

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tulip Festival First Bloom

Need I say more...
I'm a happy person today..
They grew so tall the one flower was laying on it's side this morning..
so I gave it some help with a string...
There are more signs of growth popping out of the dirt every day...

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tulip Festival (Indoors)

Well, I am pleased to see these bulbs are growing (very rapidly) and they are sending up flower heads...There are a ton of bulbs in here and I wish they would grow at the same rate, but can't have everyting! 
 Feb. 2nd
Below was Jan. 28th

It's fun to see this develop!  
I'm having my own indoor Tulip Festival!

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