Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tulip Festival (Indoors)

Well, I am pleased to see these bulbs are growing (very rapidly) and they are sending up flower heads...There are a ton of bulbs in here and I wish they would grow at the same rate, but can't have everyting! 
 Feb. 2nd
Below was Jan. 28th

It's fun to see this develop!  
I'm having my own indoor Tulip Festival!

Liz @ Sit With Me In My Garden
Liz @ Sit With Me In My Garden

Hello and welcome to my garden site. I hope you enjoy my garden.

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  1. Oh such a beauty Liz.. very smart gardening... I cant wait to see them blooming... how much time they took?
    Hello Biljana

    It’s really so caring of you that you visit me and leave such nice and loving comments to encourage m...Thanks for being my friend…