Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring beginnings!

I had been delighted that our winter weather 
had gone and I could see the grass again!  
One beautiful morning I wandered out to the 
garden area and placed my new obelisks. 
At first I set one up on this cement 
my surprise it fit on it like it was made for it..
but the look just wasn't right...
I stood there staring at the fountain 
wondering where I should put them and 
finally I decided to try them behind the 
fountain rather than out in front...
After moving them several times I 
finally decided this was the
spot for them! Once the hostas
start coming in it will fill in nicely
and these will look great!
I did say I "had" enjoyed this lovely
weather which was April 12th...
 Low and behold mother nature decided to 
pull a fast one on us and on April 19th we got 
nailed with 6 inches of snow...I took these 
pictures after the first two hours 
had just kept coming through 
the night... ugh...
Don't forget you can click on a picture and see it larger!
The birds were a bit surprised too, I felt sorry 
for them, especially the ones like the Juncos 
and Robins that feed off the ground...
I was delighted to see this purple finch in the
mix...see the female on the left bird feeder! 
The Goldfinches are all decked out in their 
best yellow colors!
Sparrows and Juncos all trying to find some food!
It's almost Easter and this year it's very late...
who would of thought we would have snow again!
I found this on the internet and couldn't 
resist snatching a copy of it!  
Aren't they the cutest!
Happy Spring and Happy Easter!
Liz @ Sit With Me In My Garden
Liz @ Sit With Me In My Garden

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