Thursday, May 26, 2011

Planting, planting, planting

Well I finally got the boxwoods planted.
I put the alyssum along side them,
but they don't show up much just yet.
 I lost two shrubs from damage by voles this winter and
then I decided to try a new shrub rather than
repeating what I had.  So I went for these
Dwarf English Boxwoods.  They are supposed
to be very slow growing and easy to take
care of. 
The sundial my sister gave me seems to work rather
well set in this area.
My Coral Bells and hostas are rapidly growing!
You can see the Jack Frost, Brunnera in the background.
I do love that plant.  It's been blooming for two weeks and
still going strong.
Out back behind the water fountain area I have these large rocks
setting about.  I planted some Japanese Forest Grass (Hakone) next to 
a couple of rocks this year.  The Sweet Woodruff is blooming
right has a nice smell.
Sunday morning was pretty and I enjoyed watching
the sun making it's way through the woods
to the back yard.

Mother nature has it together!  You can't 
compete with the beauty she provides! A
little heavenly sunshine and you've got a
perfect mix!

Liz @ Sit With Me In My Garden
Liz @ Sit With Me In My Garden

Hello and welcome to my garden site. I hope you enjoy my garden.

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