Friday, July 22, 2011

Favorite Tiara!

Amber Tiara of my favorites!  

This is a favorite hosta partly because of it's unusual leaf color  but also because I do enjoy the flower it produces!

I really love the variegated tone of the 
flower and the lavender purple color 
of them! It's a relatively fast grower 
and I've split it off and doubled what 
I originally had in a short period.  
Overall it's about a 12" tall plant.
 Forgive my indulgence on this hosta, 
but I do enjoy it!  My hostas don't get 
chewed on too badly, but I am told by 
a reputable source that SLUGGO
by Monterey Lawn & Garden 
works the best!
 Now on with more lilies!
 This is a new one I picked up last year 
 called "Sunday Gloves"
This one is called 
Siloam Sue Mills
It's a large flower and shows
off nicely at a distance.
This little cutie is called
This one was new last year
too and it's called 
Crimson Pirate 
I'm going to be removing all my daylilies 
from this location and trying a little 
something different.  They are struggling 
along because they don't get enough sun
here. I end up with more green
plant than flowers because of it.
As soon as these are done flowering
I will be moving them.
I'm going to stick with hostas on the hill
and I'm going to be calling it
"Hosta Hill" from now on!
I picked up 6 new Hostas today
called Fujibotan.  They have a nice
deep green leaf color which should
make a nice backdrop to the
Japanese Forest Grass, Hakone
that lies in front along the edge of
the stone wall.

I hope your flowers are all coming along 
nicely and that this awful heat spell
that has his most of us hasn't ruined
your gardens!
Gladiolus at my Mom's house! 
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Leader of the pack!

These lilies are making a nice impact this year and in fact all the lilies are starting to bloom around here, so for now they are the leader of the pack!  This variety is called Orange Buttons.  They are the first in this row of lilies I have planted that will all be in bloom soon!

My Endless Summer Hydrangeas are starting to flower and I always enjoy watching the various stages of each flower as they develop.  

 Soft lavender tones, pinks and blues will all be represented!
I always give them a shot of a slow releasing organic fertilizer in the spring and they seem to be healthy and full of blooms. (Espoma, Organic Traditions, Soil Acidifier)
  Back by my fountain area I planted these Mosaic Lilac Impatiens...I love their old fashioned coloring and the movement of color in them.  I use impatiens to outline the border of this garden area each year.  With all the shade we have these work out wonderfully and since I plant 4 flats I like something that's reasonably priced!
I have been enjoying my "tapestry" of plants that I combined in this corner of the garden where the path meets the patio.
The Jack Frost Brunnera put on quite a show this spring and as you can see they provide a nice plant to enjoy afterwards!
 I'm enjoying this little corner I created and I am so glad to see them all filling in and realizing the vision I had! Coral Bells and Hostas- so easy to plant and reliable!
 Last year the voles had eaten my lilies at the beginning of the pathway. I planted new yellow lilies to replace them.  To my surprise some of the white ones made it back this year and are now blooming too!

And finally
The "Easter Basket" mix Alyssum I planted suddenly spread out and are starting to fill in next to the new Boxwoods I planted earlier this spring.

I hope your gardens are growing well too!

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