Friday, September 23, 2011

Late to the gate!

 Yes these morning glories are late to the
gate!  Now it will be  race before the frost hits
to produce more blooms!

They aren't much to brag about but I took a 
few pictures. 

On the right side I also have a 
Sweet Autumn Clematis planted which has a 
bunch of blooms at the top that are 
just waking up too!  
 Last year I had 1/3rd the amount of vines of 
the morning glories, but 5 times the amount 
of flowers...and they should be blue not pink!  
I think I should have given them a quick

 I've let the vines run their own course and 
haven't been trimming them.   Usually I 
keep it more trimmed but this year I 
thought I would see how it would look if I 
let it be more natural.
Last weekend the morning sun was shining
in and out of the trees and I watched
it for about a half hour while having 
my morning coffee and finally decided
to snap a few pictures.
I set this 3 ft. tall dove statue by the hostas 
and hydrangeas.  By August the Limelight's 
had hidden it pretty well.  I guess I'll
find another spot for it next year.
A few more roses were blooming so I cut
them and made an arrangement with some 
hydrangeas.  I cut some of the spiky leaves 
from the Cordyline spike plant and stuck 
them in there for some added interest.
That's a wrap for this week!
Hope you are having a good one and will have a great weekend!

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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Well tonight we are under a "hard freeze" warning.  I'm hoping it won't make it quite that low, but it seems very likely.  There was a chill in the air today, definitely a jacket day!  I think the high was 53. 
Yesterday I started cutting Hydrangeas because of this freeze warning.  I found a delphinium blooming a 2nd time out front.  I brought it in and added it to my Limelight Hydrangeas....this was a little vignette I created.  
I got a little aggressive and cut a lot of these Endless Summer Hydrangeas.  Their colors have started to fade already but they are prime to bring in and dry,  so I treated myself to a large bouquet. 
 It's hard to realize their size in these pictures, but the width on this bouquet is 27"!
This is the other side...still some pinks showing up!
I'm guessing there are at least 40 in this bunch!
So now if we get this hard freeze the fall colors will come on quickly.
It's such a beautiful time of the year.

In fact it's time for some apple cider!
Of course it will warm up again here it always does!
How's your weather doing in your area?

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