Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Poinsettias and Christmas

Feliz Navidad!  
I was curious about why the Poinsettia 
has become so customary to have at 
Christmas time (at least in the U.S. it is).  
I don't know what other countries
do for their holiday decorating but the 
Poinsettia is definitely a favorite around 
Christmas here in the U.S.
This year I picked out three small
plants and put them in the basket so
it would look like one larger one!
This one is called Jingle Bells-
a particular favorite of mine!

As I said before I was curious about the
reason for the poinsettia becoming a
tradition and so I looked it up and
this is what I found:
 "The holiday's connection to the poinsettia originated with a Mexican legend. With nothing to give to the Christ Child, a youngster picked a bouquet of weeds as an offering. As the gift was presented, the weeds transformed into brilliant red blooms. Since then, the plant is known in Mexico as Flores de Noche Buena (Flowers of the Holy Night), or just nochebuena for short. The poinsettia's red "flowers" aren't actual flowers. They're bracts (modified leaves), and the little yellow centers are the flowers."

They don't like to get too cold and 
they are definitely not hardy to the 
freezing temperatures.

I'm pleased to show you that my
Amaryllis really grew and it looks
like I am going to have a bloom
for Christmas!
The other identical one has leaves but
no flower coming yet.  I guess that
will be a couple more weeks away!
My Christmas Cactus has just finished
blooming but there are a new set
of buds coming on it so I'm pleased
to see that!
I'll have to read up on this again.
It seems to me that sometime next
fall I have to put it in a cool, dark room
for a while so it will promote it
to bloom again?  Something like that.

Well everybody I hope you're not 
getting stir crazy already! It's hard
to go from being outdoors in the garden
and doing yard work to being indoors so 
much of the time.  
I'll bet you are all plotting your 
next dig in the spring!!

Take care and have a
Very Merry Christmas!
Peace, Love, and Joy to All!

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