Thursday, February 23, 2012

Perennial Optimism

"To create a garden is to search for a better world. In our effort to improve on nature, we are guided by a vision of paradise. Whether the result is a horticultural masterpiece or only a modest vegetable patch, it is based on the expectation of a glorious future. 
This hope for the future is at 
the heart of all gardening. "

- Marina Schinz

The last line sums it all up for me!  

There is really nothing quite like witnessing 
the season of Spring-
Plants start crawling out of the ground, 
sprouts of life start to emerge,
Lots of green and color emerge...
I find it quite magical and it renews my faith in life!
Everyone feels it, even if they don't care
about gardening.  There is a smell in the air,
a real sense of change in the atmosphere, it's
I'm ready to work and play in my garden....
Perhaps since we've had such a mild winter 
we will be having an early spring???  
I did use the word "optimism" didn't I??

Now if it would all just hurry up!!
(Oh yes, patience is not my best virtue!!)

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blue Skies, Sun and Garden Dreaming!

It's a beautiful Morning!
 I'm so pleased the sun is out and it's 
another beautiful day! 
To my dismay it's still winter but
I do enjoy the blue skies and sun!

The sun was streaming in through
the kitchen/dining area and I
loved how it looks on the terrarium.

I added more plants to my terrarium. 
 I found some more potted
silk plants from Pottery Barn.
I was delighted to see the
flowers of tulips, daffodils and

I've been thinking of naming my Angel so
I did a little internet searching.  I googled 
"Angels of Gardens" and came up with
Cathetel- Angel of the Garden

I know it's not a real garden, but I like
to pretend it is and I love her
 sweet face.  
Perhaps I could call her "Cathe" 
for short 

The sun is impatient and
minutes later it is quickly moving away.

I can hardly wait for spring so I can get
out and breathe fresh air daily and
watch the gifts of the earth unfurl!
I leave you with this poetry....
God's Garden
THE Lord God planted a garden
In the first white days of the world,
And He set there an angel warden
In a garment of light enfurled.
So near to the peace of Heaven,
That the hawk might nest with the wren,
For there in the cool of the even
God walked with the first of men.
And I dream that these garden-closes
With their shade and their sun-flecked sod
And their lilies and bowers of roses,
Were laid by the hand of God.
The kiss of the sun for pardon,
The song of the birds for mirth,--
One is nearer God's heart in a garden
Than anywhere else on earth.
For He broke it for us in a garden
Under the olive-trees
Where the angel of strength was the warden
And the soul of the world found ease. 

Dorothy Frances Gurney 

Thanks for visiting!

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

In Love With Terrariums

I've been scoping out Terrariums........I have a fascination for them but the first one I found at Longwood Gardens was just over $200 and I wasn't prepared to pay that kind of price.  I've been looking here and there on line and found a few that I like.
(I am including links, but I am not advertising nor am I compensated for them)
This Terrarium is described as an 
English Classic Tabletop 
I found it on ($43) Amazon
This one is similar to the one above except
it has a functional roof top to open for
ventilation, which is important when
growing live plants but is considerably
more money  ($168) Wardian Style 
 Terrariums at ($139.99 for two)
($69.99) and here
 For the do-it yourselfer I found this
it is a terrarium made using pre-made
picture frames
What I really want is one that has it's
own stand

but after looking around
I've realized  I'm going to have to be 
prepared to pay a lot more money! 
So for now........
I found this one while shopping at a 
department store.  It has no glass- so I 
call it a Terrarium loosely but I was 
attracted to it and ended up buying it.
(Sale price $38.49) Terrarium at Kohls
I lucked out on a Saturday with one of
their specials and got it at 50% off plus
a 20% coupon that brought it down to
 For now I will have to be content with a
"faux" terrarium
 I ended up using it as a decortive
element on this table.
 It only has faux plants in it.  To be
a true terrarium it would have to
have some sort of waterproofing and
it would need to be enclosed to provide
a greenhouse like environment.
I love interior decorating and during
the winter months it occupies my
mind as much as gardening does
during the spring and summer.
I added this garden Angel and
moss to blanket the bottom.
I guess they say we are "nesting"
at this time of year.  Even though this
has been a very mild winter we do tend
to be indoors much more than we want
to have to be so you might as well find 
a way to make it more cozy and enjoyable!
So this is what I do to ward off 
the winter blues....what are you
up to?

I'm joining Rose Vignettes 
for the blog party Fresh Cut Fridays
Please stop on by and see
what everyone else is up to!

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