Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring has sprung!

Living in northern Michigan which is a naturally beautiful area, but it sure has it's ups and downs!
As you saw in last post we got slammed with what ended up to be 22" of snow in about 16 hrs.  Not two weeks later we were all melted down and enjoying 70 degree weather and have been breaking records for many days.  Today is anticipated to reach 84... as much as I love this warm up I know it's too soon and I fear for our plants.  Next week we resume more normal temps in the 50's for a while and then we'll graduate upward.  That should slow things down, but my magnolia may not like it at all!  I saw forsythias blooming in town yesterday.  It's about 3 weeks early for even them!
If you stare through my window at the edge of the woods you will notice the greening going on with the trees...this is way too early!
I am delighted that my Christmas Cactus has started to bloom again! I'm going to transplant it to a larger pot.  I've know women that have grown these for 20 years....
I think that's pretty impressive!  I hope I can keep mine going for a long time too!  The cyclamen started blooming a few weeks ago...I am enjoying how long the flowers have been lasting on it!
Old "Hairy" here...has had 3 hair cuts since last fall (a baby tears plant).  I saved it from last years outside garden plants.  I think I'll split it up when I'm ready to put it outdoors and see how it does.

At Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania they had Cyclamen plants around the base of Christmas Trees...they said it used to be the favored plant before the Poinsettia took off in popularity.   
 I nearly lost this plant after Christmas. It really got sickly looking, so I cut off all the sick looking parts of the plant and hoped for the best!  Eventually it started coming back and I am grateful to see it blooming again!
 I've enjoyed having these plants through the winter.  It gives me something to look after and I feel a great reward when they continue to grow and flower!
Thanks for stopping by!  I hope your spring has been going along as nicely as ours!
I'm going to venture out with the camera and see what I can catch growing already! I know there are some crocuses blooming!

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dawn of a new day...

After the past few days of some rather robust Great Lakes weather I was happy to see that the sun was going to shine and we were going to have some clear skies! We started getting snow Friday afternoon around 4 p.m. .....  90 minutes later we already had 2 inches of I knew we were going to get what they were predicting.

After the storm subsided and we started digging out, it warmed enough to start melting and a line of icicles formed all around the house.  I was gazing at the icicles and it made me think of the movie Dr. Zhivago and the magnificent ice covered palace...

While this March storm felt like it was burying us, I am glad my home didn't end up like this ice palace!  We received 14" in about 16 hrs.....some areas near us got 20" and a lot of people lost power due to downed power lines....

I made up my mind to follow the sun and capture some of it's beauty as it rose and would begin to cast it's rays on the fresh white snow...

It popped up majestically and wrapped it's glow all around.... 

Mind you only a few days ago we were looking at grass....we still had some snow here and there, but we literally could see the grass and were feeling optimistic about an early spring!

Mother nature had other I will continue to enjoy my little plants indoors that are all lined up in the window.... 

Brighter and brighter it became as the sun rose higher in the was a crisp 15 degrees 

My Dwarf Alberta Spruce's are holding quite a load of snow!

I love to see the patterns reflected and how the sun glistens off the snow! More and more it's looking like it will be a beautiful day! 

My plants are doing the happy dance!  They can always use some extra UV!

Today will be a paradise for skiers, and snowmobilers!

Personally I'm anxiously awaiting for all this to go away so I can see my tulips this spring!

One thing about living in a snow belt region like we do is when spring comes you really really do appreciate it!

I know some parts of the country were really devastated by tornadoes and my heart goes out to all of those people who have suffered because of it.

I hope your Sunday is beautiful too!

I'm joining My Little Home and Garden for 

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