Thursday, April 26, 2012

Can you say "Kalanchoe"

Can you say "Kalanchoe" !! LOL.... 
I picked these up during out Easter visit at the local nursery that I have to always visit when we go home to Rochester.
 I was smitten with them the minute I saw them at the nursery.  I just transplanted them into the cute pottery pieces I got there too.
 They are a type of succulent and popular because of their long lasting flowers.  These look the same as they did when I got them a few weeks ago.
 The Christmas Cactus is still blooming and I need to transplant it too.  I gave the Baby Tears plant a severe haircut recently.  I plan to split it up into several plants when I take it outside for the summer.  I'll take the Cyclamen outside too and see how it does!
 My daffodils along the path to the back patio are blooming.  We had rain all night which will perk everything up!
 These Jack Frost Brunnera are blooming now and I love them because they bloom for a very long time and the plant continues to grow so you get a great display!  Mine lasted a month last year!  
I swear I got all the oak leaves out and yet I see more that I missed! You can see some of the Hosta coming up in the background.  
This Sweet Woodruff has flowers and should be making a nice display soon.  It's been bitten a bit from the frosts too.
These violas are so sweet. They pop up every so often in a new place like this one did!  I just looked at some photo's from last year and I was at this point with plants in the middle of May!  We are definitely ahead of our normal growing season!
We haven't started the fountain yet or even uncovered the garden benches.  I spent yesterday cleaning up some of the beds and bringing out some of my pottery and garden ornamentation.
It's a bit chilly today so I think I'll stay indoors!  

Hope you are having a great day!
I'm joining Tootsie Time for
Fertilizer Friday
 Thanks for stopping by!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hoppin around.....

Good Wednesday morning!
I was having my morning coffee and enjoying the sights of the birds flying in and out from the feeders, the squirrels playfully chasing each other and the chipmunks zooming around checking for food everywhere! 
This rabbit joined the outdoor party so I grabbed a few pictures.    
This is a cottontail rabbit.   
Of course they don't stay in one place very long!  I hope he/she isn't eating too many of my plants!  I'll have to do some inspecting!
Spring started out with a bang in March with the very unusual warm up we had. Then it cooled off again and the plants continued to grow but at a very slow rate.  We're still getting frosts at night so it's slow going here!

  We have a new tree out back that fell over after some winds.  Dan will cut it down the rest of the way and make more firewood!

It's a beautiful spring morning and I intend to get outside and continue with cleaning up the beds and getting after some weeds!  

Hope you are having a great week!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Happy Earth Day!
Yesterday I posted the tulips in the morning with frost on them.....
Well of course after it warmed up and they opened their pretty little faces up to soak up some sunshine!
 I snapped a bunch of pictures off..I'm finally getting some enthusiasm for spring! I need to dress this area out yet with mulch.  I created it last fall in a typical rush...I seem to do everything in a rush!  I've got more in back but they aren't ready to bloom yet.
I bought tulips from a big box store last fall and I'm thrilled they came up but they are not all exactly the colors they were supposed to be. From now on though I'm going to stick to ordering from the best company I've gotten tulips from which is Dutch Gardens (and I've tried a few others).  I've always gotten top size bulbs and they come up beautifully and grow for years to come! 
These did pretty well for the first year.   I think I will add some grape hyacinths this fall in the foreground to get more impact! 

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Frosted tulips!

It seems like these frosts will never end!
I planted these last fall so it's their first time up in my garden.  They've had numerous hits by frosts and have trouped on through it all.
The daffodil heads are bowed down, but they will soon perk up- once again!
I planted three lilacs last fall too...I hope to see them flower soon! You can see two of them here...
I'll take a picture in a few hours when these guys are standing tall again!
 I hope to get outside and work some more on cleaning up my garden beds- but I'll have to wait until after noon when hopefully it will feel warmer-It will be about 
48 degrees today. 
Hope your Saturday is going well! 

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Little Red...

I guess I forgot to show you my
new little red garden scoot!
I asked for it and I got it!
I plan on riding it around the back patio when I'm planting all my flats of flowers!
Okay it's not a sports car- but hopefully it will save my back a few aches and pains!
The back sports a "removable" basket for a bucket and under the "swivel" and "adjustable height" seat is a tray for tools or whatever you like!
It has an adjustable length handle with a little built in stop so it won't crash to the ground!  P.S. it holds up to 400 lbs! I think I'm ok yet!!  

I think it's a very well thought out product!

Just in case you are wondering where this "rare" find came from here is the link !

Yesterday we had warm temps but
threatening rain.
One of my garden areas heavily laden with oak leaves and compressed mulch...
I raked and raked and raked and
got it cleaned up...and the sun came out!
(I used my iPhone for the pictures so they are good but not great)
This is my pile and my first efforts
outdoors with my gardens.
This was my 2nd target area but it
wasn't nearly as bad.  My new boxwoods
I planted last spring are doing great!
There are hostas coming up, tulips, daffodils,
coral bells and before long the topiary lilac will be blooming!
This is my my other workhorse...
our GardenWay cart (probably 25 years old now) that company doesn't sell them by themselves any longer but now you can order from the same place we got the garden scoot from and get the new version 
I loaded up the pile to take out back.
The sun disappeared quickly and I barely got my tools put away and it was raining.
We need it so no complaints!
I need to take some pictures of the
tulips!  It's tulip time!!
Speaking of that- we are going to 
head to Holland, Michigan for the
tulip festival soon!

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Orangey Anniversary!

Spring started out with a fast start in March. It's going down on record as one of the warmest March's throughout the country! cooled off and we've had several hard frosts and my poor magnolia got the worst of it.  

It was full of big healthy buds all ready to pop open, and then 2 hard freezes two weeks in a row proved to be too much for it.  It will leaf out soon.

Traverse City is known for it's cherry industry, but this year is going to provide a very low yield because of the freezes. 
They predict a 90% loss already.
Pretty sad looking isn't it!  What can 
you do- that's the way nature guarantees!
 My weeping cherry tree looks pretty decent considering 
the harsh frosts that we've had.

On another note, we are celebrating our 
34th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday.  
 I was presented with a bouquet of long stemmed roses from hubby, so I thought I would share a few pictures!  
These were the perfect color to pick me up since the spring has sort of let me down!
 I plan to get the rake working on the garden beds..... I know most of you have probably already done that, but we had a brief snowfall just last week Friday!  Yep!  It didn't last but it's kind of crazy here!

I hope you are having a pleasant weekend!

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