Thursday, November 29, 2012

Almost December!

Well, here we are with December approaching and as you can see old man winter has made his debut here!
We put this bird feeder up by our patio door so we can see the birds up close.  Of course they all hide as I approach.  They'll get used to me after a while and hopefully they won't scatter so easily!

My real plants have gone away and I've stuffed some greenery in this flower pot for a little holiday color!

More faux accessorizing! It's actually full of snow now and looks better but I'm too lazy to go out and take a new picture!

Speaking of accessorizing! The rooster statue moved over by the back door and is sporting a red lit wreath!  Notice the other fine accessories... shovels and salt!

I've decorated my kitchen window with some Christmas village pieces but my focus here is on the bird feeder that we finally moved over closer to the shrubs and now I can see it much better.

A quick shot shows a couple of the Junco's out on the ground feeding. They are fun to watch.  Some people call them "snow birds"

I noticed the red squirrel too but my camera focused on the brown hydrangeas instead of him!  That's what you get when you only use auto focus!! I need to play with manual settings more often!

Inside the home I've managed to keep my Christmas Cactus going since last Christmas when I got it.  
I"m tickled it's starting to bloom too!
There are more buds starting!
I'm told if you move it to a cool spot for a couple of weeks- such as outdoors in the fall and bring it back in it may stimulate it to bloom.  The gal at the garden center (bragged) told me how well hers was doing and that's her secret!

I hope this time of year is finding you all snuggled in and dreaming about next season's gardening!

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