Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Calm before the storm....

Well we've had snow

It's melted back down

Now they are promising a large storm to descend upon us with up to 12" of snow!
The big green mass will head north along the Western side of our state right for us!

The calm before the storm...
Early this morning

On a brighter note!
I captured this Cardinal on the bird feeder
early last week.  They are so pretty with the snow in the background!

As promised I'm showing you how the Paperwhites/Narcissus 
are doing!
I'm amazed at their growth rate and that I'm getting flowers already!  
There is a method of which I haven't tried of using a solution with alcohol that is supposed to help slow down their growth rate and keep them from getting so tall.  I will have to try it sometime.

Are you ready for Christmas?
I am and thrilled that our daughter, son and his wife will be here to join us! A real family Christmas at our house!

Till then..

Have yourself a
and a


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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Paperwhites and Christmas

Narcisuss Papyraceus- 
a/k/a Paperwhites
They seem to be a favorite flower to 
plant and have bloom at Christmas time!
Mixed with red they are spectacular!

This photo is from January 2011 when
my Paperwhites were blooming.
It seemed as though the tall stems 
had found each other and 
were gracefully hugging.

This year I tried a new idea. 
I have this handled box that was sitting around with 
three glass jars in it. 
While staring at the bulbs at the 
store it came to me to use the jars for them.
I put a dressing of some artificial greens around the jars 
to give it a little more body.

I layered moss and stones around the bulbs

They're growing but it will be a few weeks before I see flowers.  

In the corner by my sink I've relocated the Christmas Cactus and wrapped the pot with some burlap and satin ribbons.

The flowers are pretty and I'm pleased to see more buds coming!

I've dressed my window with this Church 
and a small village like piece that lights up too.  The Church has little lights and the tree spins.  It has a manger on the left, carolers and the Christmas tree.  It's fun to watch while it's on.

I want to thank-you for following me 
these past 2+ years that I've
been doing this garden blog.

I'll come back and show you the 
flowers in my handled 
box once they are blooming!

In the meantime I want to wish you a
Merry Christmas to all!

I will be joining
Rose Vignettes blog for

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