Sunday, March 24, 2013

Being Nostalgic

Good Sunday morning!  
I'm a bit sad that this is our last linky party 
with My Little Home and Garden's  
 series for this year, but Karen promises to bring it back 
for another series next year.  
I've picked up some new friends and followers and I appreciate that!

Today just happens to be my birthday and I'm feeling a bit nostalgic.  So I decided to give you a walk through my garden over the many years it was created.

I found this shot my sister took of me in 1991.  (I had a crazy perm back then) 
This was the yard and part of the garage.  I had white marble stones encasing the base of this fountain that was given to me that year for Mother's Day.  
I had planted dusty miller and coleus in a ring around it.

This was the year we moved in (1989). The home was built in 1976 and had some very outdated looks as well as a bunch of problems we didn't anticipate.  As you can see the back yard was all grass and there were a few shade trees that we've since lost.  We've remodeled every inch of this place including a new sidewalk and an entirely new deck with a better railing and design.

Near the garage we had a bulldozer come through and open a path because the dirt had been pushed right up next to the siding on the garage and it caused it to rot at the bottom.  We hired a contractor who built a retaining wall.

This is the wall in it's infancy, 1999

In 2000 we went full speed ahead and installed our own flagstone patio with a small pond.  We had an above ground pool that we removed and since the area had been leveled out for it, it was a natural beginning point for the project. 

  A layer of stones were added and compacted, then 
a thick bed of sand was installed.

   With the temperature fluctuations and deep level of freezing we have you have to make sure the drainage is good so it doesn't cause things to heave up.

This was 2001 the 2nd year with the new patio.  This all happened because I became inspired after watching HGTV on Saturday mornings- and I am lucky my 
husband is a great help. 
The front of our home is near a busy road so the backyard is our retreat.

We kept the path to the patio all grass for several years, but it was a bit of work to keep mowed, so we finally put in a flagstone path.

After several years we demolished the pond and expanded the area with more flagstone, stone walls and a new water fountain.  It's much easier to maintain than the pond was.  

I'm always changing things.  Some plants died off due to some things like voles and some I moved because I didn't like how they were looking in the spot I put them.  These days there are no large projects or changes planned.  I just have fun with it and you might call it my play yard.  

Late summer shots capturing some "sunlit" moments!

This was April 25, 2012...things do change quickly!
I'm already dreaming of things to do this year 
and I can't wait to dig the earth and smell the dirt again!

I hope you enjoyed my nostalgic walk through the garden and how it came to be.  

Cheers to spring and summer!  
Let's all dig in!!

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Delightfully Sunny

A delightfully sunny day and flowers sure can make a day
 seem so much happier.  

I hesitate to share these photos because the windows are in desperate need of cleaning.  It was only 19 degrees out so cleaning 
the outside of the window wasn't an option.

I did a little reading on the "Christmas Cactus" and found out that there are other names like Thanksgiving Cactus,  Crab Cactus and Holiday Cactus.  
Actually now that I've done this reading I guess this is actually a "Thanksgiving Cactus".  The asymmetrical growth pattern and the way it lays almost horizontal are different from true "Christmas Cactus" which are symmetrical and hang downward.  (who knew?) 

The genus is Schlumbergera
and this would be from the "buckleyi" group

Whatever it's name I am most pleased it is blooming for me!  A nice colorful addition to this late winter month.  

I dressed it out with a flowery ribbon as I'm doing a 
little Easter decorating.

Might as well have something enjoyable to look at since the outdoor scenery still leaves a little bit to be desired!

As always thank-you for visiting!

I'm joining 
My Little Home and Garden 

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Blue Hour and Flowers

Greetings fellow plant lovers and gardeners!!

You may have noticed my new blog look thanks to my friend Linda at 
Life and Linda who transforms my blogs for me!  I give her an idea and she waves her magic wand and gives me what I asked for!  She's been busy transforming several blogs in the past few months and has a link at the top of her page you can see them at.   I recommend her not only because I think she's talented, but because she does it for a super reasonable price!

I know we all are fed up with winter (at least those of us still blanketed in the white stuff!)  We are experiencing some nice warmish weather (40's) which means "hooray" the snow is melting!  
I'm an early riser- I love it when I catch the sunrise. A beautiful glow appeared and I snapped off a few shots.  I think this qualifies as a "blue hour"  photo.  That Beatles song "Here Comes the Sun" always pops in my head (fairly frequently)!

I love the pretty colors in the sky.  Truly like a rainbow!  Amber, pinks, purples, and blues!

I kept the camera around hoping for some nice sunshine to highlight my flowers that have just appeared this week on the Christmas Cactus. 

I guess rest of the day will be warm but not sunny... perhaps it will dot in and out?  No complaints from me though... We have had a sun filled week and it puts everyone in a good mood.  

Ah yes I did catch this a couple of days ago while having my morning coffee.  These tulips were nearly a week old and pretty much past their peak but I had to snap off a shot when the sun came beaming in!  (Not bad for a cell phone picture!) 
I can hardly wait to see my own tulips popping up but that will probably be another month before that happens!  I also can't wait to wash my windows! After a long winter the windows sure get dirty!

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