Sunday, June 30, 2013

Peonies and wild life!

I've gotten behind on posting.  
My peonies are just about done already but I took some pictures of them last week when they were in their glory.

The evening sun provided perfect lighting!

There is something about white peonies that seem
quintessential summer!

My favorite shot...

You can see the salvia is blooming too.  Everything is reaching towards the sun.  My spruce tree has gotten so much larger since I planted the perennials.
I ended up using stakes because the peonies were 
on the ground.

The Max Frei Cranesbill comes back reliably every year.
I sure like this plant.  It provides a great border at next to no maintenance.

The reds that weren't quite open

A bouquet I gathered for my daughter to take home with her.  
A few iris were still blooming along with the Donald Wyman lilacs.  I'm real pleased with them! Third year in and they bloomed like crazy this year!   

There are three of them's all part of my 
plan to make a "green" wall to provide more privacy in this side part of the front yard.

My one Alium that made it.  Not huge this year like last year. The others got nipped by the frosts and it knocked them down.

While I was outside early evening a few days ago I spotted this little fella coming out of the woods.  He was a little worried about the lawnmower action going out out front.
We stared at each other a bit and then he ran towards 
my garden area.

He's just a young one.  I did my best with my iPhone. 

This female turkey seems to have made herself a regular around us lately.

  We get a nice variety of birds here.  I managed to
catch a shot of these Cedar Waxwings that arrived.
I've never seen them here before.  When they flew off
a few more of them were nearby and went with them.

A quick shot with my iPhone again. This is the best I've seen these Neon Star Pink Dianthus so far.  I guess they are maturing!

The weeping larch is doing great too.  

The two planters were new this year.  They're just starting to fill out.
The Dusty Miller is turning into a bush!

Straight ahead is my lilac topiary tree which has grown beautifully but I'm struggling to keep it a moderate size.  I'm questioning my choice of where I located it because of how I have to keep trimming it back so much.

When I got it- it had a lopsided shape which I've been trying to help straighten.  All the weight was on the right side.  
I really cut into it this time and now it looks more even.

It looks a big naked right now, but it will fill out again.  
As you can see my roses are blooming on the arbor.
I seem to have all but lost my Sweet Autumn Clematis this year.  There are a few leaves coming on it but they are way down at the ground level.
I've got some morning glories that are starting to climb complete with bird pooh!
The arbor is a favorite landing spot.

Well, I'm long winded today so I better stop.
I hope you are enjoying your gardens 
and keeping busy too!

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Turkey in the garden!

Good Sunday morning!
I hope you are enjoying a good weekend! 
We've had great weather and a nice relaxing weekend so far.
I fertilized my annuals yesterday, that was a task I was
overdue on.

 This morning I observed the turkey that visits my bird feeders regularly.
  She went to the fountain to have a drink so I went for my camera, but of course she quit drinking before I got back.

We stared at each other a while and then she decided 
to check the ground by the bird feeders.

She comes regularly and scratches around looking for leftovers that the other birds have dropped.

She wasn't too keen on my taking pictures so she 
decided to leave.

Back to the woods from where she came...then disappears... They blend in real well.

Happy Sunday!


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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Can you spot it??

I'm doing a "Where's Waldo" on you.....
After watering everything I took a walk out to inspect my Fairy Garden.
I found something there that I didn't put in!

This was the angle that caught my eye...


 Are you spotting it yet??


My own toadstool!
Little stinker looked like one of the white rocks at a distance!
Nature is pretty sneaky don't you agree!


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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Hosta Hill

We had a nice bit of rainfall two nights in a row. Everything looks so fresh so I went out early this morning to see how the plants are doing.

It looks like the wax begonias I used instead of the impatiens are going to work out just fine.  I gave each plant a boost of composted cow manure and a sprinkle of Osmocote fertilizer  when I planted them.  I hope they love it! 

This is a new plant I just added called Astrantia 
(Great Masterwort) 
Star of Fire
I put three plants in
this past week. 

The Siberian Iris opened up so as soon as the sun was on them I snapped a few shots.

This is the first year the Sum and Substance hosta (left side) has looked so grand.  I know it will become even larger as time goes on.  They claim they will get 30" tall and anywhere from 2 ft. to 6ft. wide.   I'm sure mine won't get that wide since our growing season is short.

To the back side of the hill is a hosta I've been patiently waiting to see it take off and show me it's stuff!  This is an Empress Wu hosta and they claim they will get to be up 4 ft. tall.

This is a new addition this year.  It's called the Wheee hosta.
I was drawn to it's curly edges.  I planted it in a location by itself so it could be shown off better.

It's been a cool spring and we just haven't had the warm temperatures that will get the annuals to start  filling out, but they are promising the heat is coming!
The hosta that primarily outline this area are called "Gold Standard".  They are very reliable and consistent. 

Here are some before and afters of the hosta hill.....

This is a shot from a few years ago.  I removed the day lilies that are in the forefront because they were too tall and I wanted a little neater look.
The overall look had become too mixed up and had a sloppy appearance.  I also raised the fairy on a pedestal to give her more presence.


I think the changes I made improved the
overall appearance.

If you'd like to read how some of this back yard area got started, please check out this link to my first post in 2010

Thank you as always for visiting!

I'm joining
Fishtail Cottage for
Garden Party #8

Tootsie Time for
Fertilizer Friday


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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Iris Rover...

The Iris are in bloom here and I've been roving around taking pictures both at my home and at a local place that specializes in Iris.
These tall purple ones have been with me for years. They are ready to be split up again. 
 They were falling over and laying on the driveway so I had to give them some help with some stakes.
 Before the opened I caught this picture 
looks like satin!

These Orange Harvest Iris look great this year.  
I lucked out with a few good shots-
I forgot I had my camera set on "aperture priority" 
which in this case made for an interesting shot!
This is my favorite one!

Our trip out to The Iris Farm was enjoyable
I felt lucky to get the pictures I did because I used my iPhone and the sun was so bright I couldn't make out the screen, so I was really shooting blindly!

So many to chose from, hard to make a decision! 

 It was a beautifully clear bright sunny day, 
low humidity, moderate temperatures.  
Mind boggling!

Back home, my Siberian Iris are about ready 
to open too!  
Look at the size of that Sum and Substance hosta to the left of the fairy.  It's really taken off this year! The Great Expectations Hosta is just left of it and there is a pair of Hanky Panky Hosta's in front of her. Those are Bright Lights, hosta on the right side.

So that my Iris roving tour!

 Have a happy Sunday and a great week!


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