Sunday, June 23, 2013

Turkey in the garden!

Good Sunday morning!
I hope you are enjoying a good weekend! 
We've had great weather and a nice relaxing weekend so far.
I fertilized my annuals yesterday, that was a task I was
overdue on.

 This morning I observed the turkey that visits my bird feeders regularly.
  She went to the fountain to have a drink so I went for my camera, but of course she quit drinking before I got back.

We stared at each other a while and then she decided 
to check the ground by the bird feeders.

She comes regularly and scratches around looking for leftovers that the other birds have dropped.

She wasn't too keen on my taking pictures so she 
decided to leave.

Back to the woods from where she came...then disappears... They blend in real well.

Happy Sunday!


Liz @ Sit With Me In My Garden
Liz @ Sit With Me In My Garden

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  1. How cute is that?! Too bad she doesn't eat slugs. :)

  2. Now there's a visitor I've never had in my garden! How fun that she comes to your fountain. Enjoyed your pictures!
    Miss Bloomers

  3. What a special folklore the turkey means gift...she has given you quite a special gift indeed.

  4. How unusual.... lots of turkeys here but none brave enough to show up in my garden. On the other hand lots of bunnies in my garden........