Monday, July 22, 2013

The floral parade...

The floral parade continues. 
 It's such a treat to see the flowers showing off their happy colors and pretty faces!

My island out front has been blooming away. We had a garage sale this past Saturday and I worked on prepping for it throughout last week...which was hard because of that heat dome we were under.  98 with a heat index of 105
The day of the garage sale it cooled off and it was quite comfortable.  People were taking tours of my gardens.  They were all so kind and complimentary.  Made me feel good!

These drooping Delphiniums are all that's left of those big 5 ft. tall ones I had.  I love the bright blue color.  It makes for some nice summery color combinations.

These little cone flowers are coming along nicely.
The Zagreb Coreopsis have turned out to be a winner!

When I found these Shasta Daisies at the garden center I liked how the flower's face is straight up.  I've got to hunt around the plants and see if I can find their tag, because I don't remember their name.

Last week

A new cone flower I put in last year looks pretty mixed in with some these purple delphiniums. 
Too bad I didn't remove that green plant stake for the picture!

The Peachie's Pick Stokes Asters are starting to bloom too.

Still waiting to see the Black Eyed Susans! 

This butterfly weed made it back.  I love their color.

More cone flowers- I believe these are called Little Annie
I love the soft delicate flower of the hostas.  
Summer, summer, summer!  Yes!

 Out back the hostas are all blooming.  I enjoy watching the hummingbirds visit them. They dance around feeding off of them and it's a joy to watch.

These are short and stout but I love the variegated
 coloring they have.  These are Amber Tiara hosts.

These hosta flowers are draping across like flags hanging.

The Endless Summer Hydrangeas are blooming.
I love the different stages of the flower.

My soil is very alkaline and even with the fertilizer that's supposed to help turn them more blue this is about as much blue as I can get from them.

Love their soft fluffy flowers

This one is a giant...almost like 3 flowers

Last year I had no flowers due to the untimely frosts so I'm tickled to see them blooming!

 These Sunday Gloves day lilies are framed with some Razzamatazz day lilies. 

  I think they are a stunning lily.  Definitely my favorite!

Thanks as always for visiting!

I love to hear from you.
I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to visit much lately, 
but I will try to do better!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July is Blooming!

I guess July is my big month for my perennials.  
 I did a walk around the yard this afternoon and snapped off a lot of pictures! 
I have been watching some Delphiniums that were taller than me since last week. 
  Unfortunately the morning rain broke them over so I had no choice but to bring 
them indoors!

As you can see they were fabulous.  They were so heavily
laden with flowers the just broke over and I couldn't leave them like that.  
I stuffed some Yarrow in the center for filler.
I wanted to let them hang over like big branches to show how long they are!

~This area is out front of the house~
I like how this is looking like a cottage garden...I like it when the
plants start to mingle with each other.

I do wish the Delphinium would bloom all summer!
I love seeing their spikes of color.

My Shasta Daisies are getting close to blooming and I see a lily has appeared in the middle of them!  I wonder how it got there!  Must of had a little help from a critter!

 The cone flowers are just starting too...

I put in new Coreopsis last year and they've all come back nicely.
The other ones I had slowly disappeared.  I blame it on the variety, but it 
could have been the voles too.  

Love the (Speedwell) Veronica

These lilies have a fabulous color- they seem to glow.

I love how the purple and yellow look great together!
I never posted the Columbines when they bloomed.

These Columbines bloomed back in the middle of June.

The Stella de Oro Lilies are finally blooming.  
This is the part of the island people see as they drive by our home.
I created the island to add privacy and sound absorption. We live close to a main road and it can be noisy.

~To the side of the driveway~ 
Boy these guys are vibrant!  Makes me think of the Southwest!
I moved them from the back of the deck area last year and they seem to be quite 
happy here!

I'm glad I moved them over here they were really getting large and this area can 
handle it better.

~Out back~
I made this my pink garden area last year.  
I bought up a bunch of lilies that were on mark down last summer.  
I stuck with shades of pink.  It looks a little haphazard right now, but each 
year it will improve.

I really love this coloring the best.  They didn't all have their labels so I'm not sure what they are called.

This is another one with similar coloring but it has specks highlighting the center.

These are a peachy pink color that I placed either side of my 
Queen Elizabeth Floribunda Rose

This one is hiding behind my Iris

The birds love the bird bath- it greens up really fast though.  A sopping wet Baltimore Oriole jumped up on the deck railing the other day and I had to chuckle.  
They're so wary though it's hard to get a picture. 

Just in front of this bird bath you can see a big granite stone.  I had three of them 
set there but I've taken one away and...

I moved it to this corner of the pathway to the patio.  I've planted some sedum around it and a white Bell flower-Campanula.  There is a perennial Salvia next to it but it looks terrible right now.  Once these sedum plants fill
out it should look more interesting.

I should have been smart and cut this in half before I planted it!  Oh well....

Right next to that are some very orange lilies!
When I bought them from Lowe's several years ago 
they were labeled as yellow... ha- so much for that!

This year they are the largest I've ever seen them.

These white ones used to be where the orange ones are.  I thought that the voles had eaten them all and then they appeared again, so I decided to separate them last year.

My Hydrangeas are starting too but I better wind this up and I'll save that for my next post.
 I hope you are enjoying your gardens and plants too!

Thank you for visiting!  
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