Monday, September 23, 2013

Autumn Greetings

 It's officially here!

I wandered about the yard today and snapped off a bunch of pictures.  I saw the sunlight hitting these trees through the woods and it captured my attention.  I felt very fall like.

Not that I want to rush the seasons, but I think I'm ready to rest a bit from tending to all my flowers and plants.

  We've had an unusual amount of rain lately and I haven't had to worry about watering anything.   I haven't been seeing the hummingbirds anymore- I'm sure they headed south already.

Dried leaves fall even though the trees haven't turned yet.
It starts to get messy.

My garden areas are still alive and well, but there are some telltale signs that the plants are done for the season.

The hydrangeas are starting to change and get that papery look.  This is a small PeeGee Hydrangea tree.

For days the bees been all over these flowers on the 
Autumn Joy Sedum.  It was very chilly last night and these guys were not moving fast at all.  We had a frost warning but it didn't happen.

I noticed my little girl statue looked like she was staring at the sedum too! 

 You can see some leaves that have nestled in here already. 

My Queen Elizabeth Rose is taller than me now!

I've had the best luck with this rose bush.  It's not much for fragrance like a tea rose is, but it has the looks.  Our northern climate has proven to be difficult for some of the roses I've tried over the years.  This one is a keeper!

I tore apart my planters in front of the garage.  The plants in them had become quite unruly and I was ready to see some fall coloring.  I did spare this one because the bees have been so active on it.  

I had an idea that Dan helped me put together with the planters.  I created a Mum and Pumpkin topiary with gourds.  

I've also decorated my deck which is where everyone first comes to when visiting.


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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy Sunday

Good Sunday Morning!
I hope you are enjoying this last week of summer.
I'm delighted that my morning glories have finally started to bloom.  

It's a wee start but I'm happy just the same.

Now if the Sweet Autumn Clematis would show it's blooms I'd be really happy!  I can see the little flower heads forming so it won't be long.  

It's wet and overcast today.  Good think I spent yesterday outdoors.  I am starting to make a transition into some fall flowers.  I picked up some beautiful mums.

 I have plans for these!

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Crisp Mornings

Crisp mornings have arrived.  We've been dropping into the mid 50's at night and every morning there is dew on everything.

I was staring out my kitchen window at the pretty purple Vinca flowers and noticed how nice the the Limelight hydrangeas looked in their background so I decided I should pop out there and snap a picture.

I captured a morning shot of the fountain.  It was chilly though so I didn't stay out long!

These little begonias have done well.  I'm about to give up on Lobelia though.  It seems like the slightest misstep on watering and they poop out on you too easily.  These are scraggly and some of the other ones I have are all browned and gone.

Love these fuchsia's.  They've done well and of course the hummingbirds love them too.  I love to plant flowers and shrubs that the birds, bees and butterflies enjoy.

The last flowers are out on these Hostas.
These guys are super tall.
Fujibotan Hosta.  A plain medium green leave with a slightly wavy leaf.  A late summer bloomer.

The Browallia took over the window box.  The pink New Guinea Impatiens I planted in there are buried underneath.  

The Limelight Hydrangeas are still looking good.  This set of shrubs is on the backside of my house and bloomed later than the ones out front.

  The arbor is loaded (all on top) with a combination of the Sweet Autumn Clematis, a climbing rose, and some Morning Glories which I still  haven't seen flowers on.  Any day now I'm sure!

Everything is still healthy and growing here.  Some of the pre-potted hanging baskets I bought look terrible though.  I think they over pot them and use cheap soil.  
The one I planted myself looks great, but the others are done.  

I sent my daughter home with a pitcher full of my hydrangeas.  
We mixed some Limelights and Endless Summer ones together.  

How's it going in your neck of the woods?

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