Sunday, November 3, 2013

November frost has arrived!

 We've finally gotten some killing frosts.  Every year is different.  This autumn season has been mixed with lots of rain, some snow and bursts of warm days.  Just a few days ago we were in the mid 60's.

This morning things are frozen hard.  We are promised a warmer day today and tomorrow with no rain so it's become a must to get outside and finish our winterizing.
October was an unusually busy month for us with two trips both around 800 miles one way only 10 days apart.  We caught a small sinus virus and that didn't help either.

I really dragged my feet this year.
Today I'm going to cut back some plants and finish
emptying the dirt from the pots.  

The mums had a nice frost on them but their pretty color is still there.

Happy Sunday 
I hope your week will be great!    

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