Thursday, December 18, 2014

Season's Greetings Everyone!

I couldn't leave well enough alone- I had to plant something!!

November 10th

I planted some Amaryllis.  One is called Magic Green and the other is called Wedding Dance

November 22
These bulbs took off growing like they were on steroids!

December 7
I put everything near the sliding glass window to catch the morning sun.  The Magic Green is now 36" tall!  My Christmas Cactus decided to join the fun too and is budding out!

Dec. 10
The flowers opened fast

They have a soft yellowish green to ivory coloring 
with burgundy accents

As they age they get lighter in color and look more ivory

With the sun cast on it the Magic Green really looks yellowish/green.  The white Wedding Dance one started blooming promptly

I love this one- the flowers are huge- 8" across and have this pretty lime green center and a wonderful textured petal.  This one is described as being from Africa

Dec. 18
The Magic Green is all done blooming but the the Wedding Dance Amaryllis is in full bloom.  The Christmas Cactus are blooming nicely.  That's a seed ball on the right that's going out to the birds soon.

I decided to set it on the hearth.  I've been reluctant to put anything fragile there because of our 7 month old kitten that can be a bit rambunctious!  

I wish winter was sunny like this more often!   We were under the "gray dome" for days.  Snow has come and gone 3 times.  I think this might stay through Christmas- let's hope!  So far this winter is nothing like last year- thankfully!  We had 70" of snow by the same time last year and were experiencing sub-zero temps.  It was a brutal winter!

I hope you are relaxing and enjoying the holiday season!  
Merry Christmas to you all!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sunny morning- wintry weather!

November greetings!!
 The sun made an appearances in between the clouds this morning. 
We're all buttoned up here for the winter and the landscape looks completely different than it was only a month ago.  

As you can see winter like weather has already hit our area.  Thank goodness we don't live a bit further north because they got 9" in some areas!  Way too early for that kind of nonsense!!

Those pots are going inside this weekend.  I was dragging my foot on letting go all the way!  Some of the oak and beech trees are still hanging onto their leaves.  

 I cut back all my hydrangeas and I even shortened up my spireas.  I hope they'll bloom next year- some bloom on old wood and some on new.  All the small odds and ends have been put away. 

 Dan cut wood pieces to fit the pots.  It's a marine grade plywood which will last for many seasons.
I took these pictures last week before the snow came.

 The fountain all prepped (I think it looks like the Command Module from the old Apollo spacecrafts!)

I hope you are ready for winter!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Last of the season!

Fall greetings! 

I went out this morning and snapped a bunch of pictures.   Everything is pretty much done and I need to finish up putting things away for the season.  We had so much rain for a couple of weeks that nothing got done outside.  We had a hard frost two nights ago- it got down to 25. Only a few flowering plants are still hanging in there.

These pretty hot pink hydrangeas have finally started to shift color and are done.  

I've go to fish out all the little fairy garden pieces and put them away, otherwise the heavy snow will ruin them all.

Looking down the garden path you can see the beautiful Japanese maple tree contrasting so beautifully with the yellows and rusty tones of fall.

Isn't this cute- the brilliant red leaves are sticking to the foxtail fern.  Some of them are so brilliant in color they don't look real but I assure you they are!

I'd love to bring these ferns in but seriously I don't have a good place to keep them growing.

The fountain is still running but…

barely since it's loaded with leaves.  This will be shut down this coming weekend when we begin the final clean up.

Up until a couple of days ago these begonias were still going strong…but alas they've succumbed to that hard frost.

This is another Japanese maple that is beautiful this year.  Some years are better than others!

This fairy garden is ready to rest too.

The ferns are all done and headed off for their winter nap.

We have an abundance of acorns this year.  I literally slipped on them and nearly fell as I walked down the little hill.

Making my way around the south side of the house another Japanese maple contrasts so nicely with the big blue spruce tree.  You can see that this area is primarily loaded with oak leaves.

Looking back the other direction- love seeing the sun shining through the trees and the leaves glowing. I sure wish it would last a lot longer!

The island still has some green plants.  I think the big spruce tree shields them.  

Near the garage you can see a mix of ash and maple leaves here.  They've filled my fall planter display up too!

Talk about hard core!  These  mini Black Eyed Susan's are still blooming!

So are these Foxgloves.  I had no idea they were such a sturdy plant!  The Autumn Joy Sedum still looks nice too!

The bird bath has a fine layer of ice still on it.  

Another fairy garden ready to sleep.  I cut and trimmed a lot of this away a few weeks ago.  It had gone wild and all the fairies and accents disappeared into the plants.

Some more diehards. 

Just three days ago- you can see the trees still had most of their leaves yet.

 I'm enjoying the daily view- taking pictures to remember!

How are you doing this fall?  All ready for the next season?

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Early Fall and Saying Good bye to my Magnolia

I walked around the yard and took a few snapshots of plants and scenery. 

We've had so much rain lately I haven't had to water anything.  These begonia's have shot out and have become quite huge.  There were several other plants in the pot but they've all died back.  

Nearby is my first fairy garden that is showing signs of fall

I've begun some emptying of pots preparing for the inevitable.

This one was full to the bottom with roots!

The hostas are dying back and so far the impatiens are still hanging in there!

The hosta hill is loosing color and it won't be long before this is all yellow

I didn't have the heart to pull this beautiful cordyline plant.  I wish I had room in the house to keep some of these plants going through the winter.  

The sedums are still blooming and as you can see the leaves are falling already too.

Still pretty

I will be cutting these back for the winter- they've gone wild!

Still putting off new blooms

The woods are starting to shift color

This is my sad looking Pinky Winky.  I guess I'm spoiled with the Limelights and Endless Summer Hydrangeas- this looks so sparse.

I don't know if the flowers will open finish opening up before the first frost hits.   I really think I should move it and make sure the soil is loaded with good organic matter.  

We've had so much rain this fungi popped up near the front island bed

The Black Eyed Susan's are all but done.   I've gotten lazy and haven't cut back some of the plants yet.  Well, we have had an awful lot of rain- it's raining again as I type this!

Saying goodbye to my old Magnolia
She's been sick all summer and I blamed it on the bad winter but we discovered why.  

 She's got a bad case of Heart Rot- a fungus disease.  We had trimmed off some lower branches to make lawn mowing easier several years ago.  I think we may have set up the poor tree for this fungi attack.  If I ever get another one I won't repeat that mistake!
Dan weed whipped a ring around the base so he can cut it as close to the ground as possible.  You can see the black rotting that is going on.

She was pretty badly diseased 

Dan cut it down in sections
I think she may have been with us for 15 years 

More signs of the disease

Sad day 

She was a beauty and I loved the smell of the flowers!

Fall is creeping in!


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