Saturday, February 15, 2014

Amaryllis- don't "fence" me in!

I received this pot with Amaryllis bulbs as a gift in early December and I've been taking pictures as they grew.

Around Christmas

I "fenced" in the plant to keep it compact in my room and to provide support for the foliage and flower stems as they grew.   Not too charming but it worked!

February 8th

 I removed some of the "fencing"

I removed all of the "fencing" and let the plant's leaves lay more naturally.  I relocated the bamboo sticks to support the heavy flower stems. 

February 15

I've been enjoying these pretty flowers this past week.   I love the contrast of this colorful flower vs. my outdoor frozen world!
 Thank you again Teresa for this gift!
Amaryllis (or Hippeastrum) come from South Africa.
I found this article on Wikepedia that was interesting. 
I've never had any luck growing these again from the same bulbs, have you?

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