Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunlit Sunday

Well today is the last Sunlit Sunday blog party for this year.  I've been joining the party with my other blog but I thought I would toss together some current scenes of my yard where my gardens are still hidden by the blanket of white.

My garden benches are starting to appear again
When I opened the door I could hear the chickadees tweeting their songs- so nice!

We didn't remove all the snow on the deck this winter.  As you can see we've got a ways to go yet but as soon as it's all melted I know the plants will quickly emerge.  We go from a frozen quiet landscape to full speed ahead in spring!
Looking forward to seeing what everyone will be up to this summer in their gardens!

Summer 2013
Watching and waiting!

Summer 2013
I much prefer this kind of view!

Thank you as always for visiting!!

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Gardening Humor

I saw this on Facebook 
and had to share this!
This should make you smile!

Winter Highlights

Perhaps spring won't arrive by the "calendar" date but it's coming- I'm sure of it!! 

It's so nice to see the daylight earlier and earlier and the 
days lasting longer before nightfall!

Our area has received 183" of snow since last October.   I'm hoping all this snow has been insulating things and that I won't see a lot of plant loss.

I hope March finds you all well!

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