Monday, April 28, 2014

It's that time of year again!

Well- here we are one more winter has gone by and we're back outside working on our yard.
I raked and raked to get the old grasses and oak leaves out of the bed.  I was so mad to see how the oak leaves managed to cover my entire garden bed.  I'm sure they provided some insulation so perhaps that's a positive way to look at it.

 My Queen Elizabeth Rose looks terrible.  I think those deep freeze temps we had this winter took it's toll.

I cut it down real short in hopes that something will come alive.  This is why I don't invest much in roses.  I may be premature- I guess I'll know in the next two weeks.  There is some white stuff on it too that looks like mildew- probably not good either?

  As evening was setting I noticed a turkey fly up into the tree.  They sleep up there which I find interesting.  Sorry about the poor quality picture.
She's settled down on the branch for the night.

I took this on the 22nd.  We had a snowfall during the night.  It was the last laugh from nature I guess.
Thankfully it warmed up and we had some nice rains that got rid of all of this!

I took this on the 27th!  So thankful for the rapid change!
We brought out the lawn furniture from the storage shed and I put out some pottery pieces to stare at and and dream about what I'll be planting.  

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I Went To A Garden Party

Okay maybe I really didn't go to a garden party but I did go to the garden center I wanted to get to when I went down to see the family for Easter and we did have a party!

My Mom (age 91) She enjoyed the tour

A bounty of color!

Orchids are amazing

The pool where the mermaids were in my last post.  A company that puts in yardscapes must be paying to have this display at the garden center.  I saw some signage with their name.
We both liked this metal gazebo and I wanted that fairy but it was slightly out of my budget!

My big purchase-  4 succulents.  I have two at home 
that I plan to pot up with these.

Mom decided cut tulips were plenty so I got her a bouquet of these
fancy tulips.  I used one of her decorative pitchers which just happened
to be covered in it's own floral bouquet!


Easter party.  There were more people but this was the only shot with people at the table.  I blurred it out to protect the innocent!  LOL  I'm the 2nd one on the right in the floral shirt (go figure!)

On Monday we went home and stopped in Frankenmuth, Michigan 
a Bavarian themed town.

We ate at Zehnders Restaurant
It was 70 degrees- amazing!

The magnolias were starting to bloom.  The air was just right
and we could smell them- it was such a treat!

So that was my Easter weekend- turned out great! 
Thankful to see family and enjoy great weather!


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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter and My Favorite Garden Center!

This is a gardening center back in my home town of Rochester. 
It kills me to not be closer to them, but perhaps its safer for my wallet! 
I'm sharing pictures they posted on FaceBook

 They had a Expo over the weekend and I had to show you's kind of weird but I'm sure the men and the kids got a kick out of it.
Even Captain Jack Sparrow was there!

 Here are some Zero calorie Easter Basket gift ideas!!

 I hope to pick something up for my Mom.

Here are some pictures of the flowers they have ready
for Easter

 I'm sure these will be open and the place will smell
heavenly! Can't wait to get there!

A sea of beauty!
OMG I can't wait to be there!

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