Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rainy Morning Pics

This morning I decided to pop out early and take a few pictures of my hydrangeas. It rained all night and I think the colors look richer after a rain.

I added fertilizer that's for hydrangeas hoping to see more blue but I seem to end up with pink for the most part.    The limelights are just starting to bloom.

Little wispy touches of soft lilac and variations of pink

Just to the other side is my Cityline Paris hydrangea.  So far I only get a few blooms each year but I keep hoping for a full pop of color one of these years!  This stays compact and doesn't need any trimming.

A close-up of the flowers that are starting to 0pen up

While visiting my mom a few weeks back I noticed this gazing ball in the garage.  She told me to take it so I did and I like how it reflects things around it.  

I also spotted this rusted rooster in the garage which I couldn't resist.  

Nearby are the Annnabelle hydrangeas which are a mix of new to old blooms.  I should cut some to save!

I removed the orange lilies and put in the new lily that I posted about the other day.

It's just loaded with flowers- I look forward to seeing this come up each year.  

One of my favorite views looking up the steps from the driveway at the hydrangeas.  
(oops I forgot to remove the grass I pulled!)

Just over a week ago I noticed a bad case of powdery mildew on my begonias.  We had a lot of cool nights and they just didn't dry out well enough.  I cut them back severely and they were treated to try to stop the mildew from continuing.  I'm seeing new leaves so hopefully they will recover quickly and start to bloom again.  Time to fertilize again.

This one didn't show signs of the mildew but I treated it anyway. 

Down below is my favorite double impatiens plant.  I love the delicate pink color.

Well it's raining again so I'm heading back in!

I'm joining Fishtail Cottage for
Tuesday's Garden Party

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Crash, Rose and Lily

It's been a cool and somewhat wet week and I haven't been outside much.
A large tree limb came down like a spear from high above and I'm so glad no one was out there at the time.  It moved a large piece of flagstone and landed on some plants but no real harm was done.  The piece in the lower left is what broke from it and you can see all the wood exploded off the surface of it as it made impact.

I found this gem of an oriental lily called Sunny Azores
The zonal range is 3 to 9 so we all can enjoy it!

This miniature rose was a gift from my daughter for Mother's Day.  Soon after I received it, it got a little sickly and I had to do a severe trimming and remove the other two that were in it because they had died off so badly.  Anyway, it's taken all summer but it's finally recovered and blooming!

That's about it around here- I've been keeping busy with a some storage organizing in the basement and a little fun with decorating stuff indoors.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Evening Stroll Continued...

Here area a few more pictures from my evening stroll the other day…
 In the evening when the sun shines over the roof of the house the bright pink impatiens seem to glow.

 These Gartenmeister Fuchsia's are like small shrubs

 This is a riot of Astilbe and Hosta blooms.  I say it every year, but I'll say it again I leave the Hosta flowers to bloom so the hummingbirds have plenty to drink from!

 These Astilbes are slow to bloom- very short too!

 My PeeGee Hydrangea- doesn't amount to much here- not enough sun

 It will be blooming about 8 flowers this year
I'm thinking of moving it- needs more sun

 Surprise surprise
 My miniature lilac topiary tree is blooming again!  Just a small bunch but a neat surprise!

 A small random cluster out back on a path that leads behind the host hill

 The Astrantia has bloomed a long time!

 She's always pleasant!

 These fuchsias are so hot the blur on my lens!

 The Sunday Glove lilies have been blooming away.  
They all are growing towards the west- sun seekers!

 These Annabelle hydrangeas are the size of a plate! The bees have been all over them and I even got stung last week because I was staking a few of the branches that had fallen over.

 The last of my pink lilies blooming

 My bird choir…gifts from the kids a while back. 

 I thinned out the ornamental grasses a couple of weeks ago.  

 I picked up a couple of new plants at Lowe's.  

These balloon flowers are the neatest!  
These are a super pale pink

Love to look at all the blooms.  It's fun to see the parade of flowers each year!


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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A New Garden Bed and an Evening Stroll

I weeded and prepared a bed for some new perennials 
I have tulips that come up here in the spring and some lilies that have just finished blooming.  There are some lily of the valley that got in here but I worked at getting them out today.  They have the sweetest little flowers but they are so invasive!  There was a little hosta hiding in here from an old garden that used to be here.

I clustered all my plants into my cart- I love how they look!

I got them set- they look a little haphazard but next year they will look a lot fuller.  I'm going to keep the store tags with them so next spring I can remember where they were set.  We're going to put some landscape bark down to help with the weeds and it looks good!

I wanted a dramatic bunch of Russian Sage so I put three of them in and I put these Tuscan Sun Heliopsis close by because I think their a great mix together.

These Coneflowers are called Secret Affair from the Secret Series- they are fragrant too!

This is a Helenium plant (Sneezeweed)  It's a really cute flower and will be hearty in our area.  I look forward to it getting larger each year!

Looking up the slope of this bed are the Asiatic lilies and a Crocosmia- Lucifer plant (the tall sword life leafed plant.  I guess they are related to Gladioas

I think they look very exotic like something I'd expect in Hawaii!

Turning to my side across the driveway the Limelight Hydrangea is starting to flower.  It's coming on fast- always a pleasure to see it bloom.

On the front island near the hydrangea my Shasta daisies, Coneflowers and Coreopsis are blooming away

Does this say summer or what! These coneflowers are called Little Annie

Zagreb Coreopsis

I don't know the name of this cone flower off hand but I love the color.  The stems are very dark and the flower really stands out.

The Black Eyed Susans are just starting to flower

The Butterfly Weed has been blooming for a good week or more.  

These Meadowbrite coneflowers have been in for at least three years and they've really spread out nicely.  They stay short and compact.  

This is an Orange Marmalade Hosta. It starts out with somewhat of an yellow/orange cast and then fades to more of a white look.  I think mine gets too much sun- it's color hasn't been as rich as it should be.

This island garden just blooms along without much effort.  I dead head flowers and pull a few bits of grass that try to invade but that's about it.  

Early evening at the end of a beautiful summer's day!


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