Monday, September 15, 2014

Morning Glories..finally!

I've finally got some Morning Glory blooms!  I went through my blog archives and realized that exactly one year ago I also posted that my Morning Glories have just started to bloom!  

It just keeps raining here- it's getting annoying!  You'd think we lived out in Seattle!

Of course they are perched so high up I could barely get a picture.  The Sweet Autumn Clematis is ready to start blooming too.  It's going to warm up (they say) to the 70's again so I hope to see more blooms!  

We had such high winds last week with one of the storms that my big flower pots with the (orange) Fuchsia's you see in the background were pushed right over on the ground.  It gave them a flat face for a few days but they seem ok now. 

I re-arranged the deck and moved this pot over.  Boy is it heavy- I had to rock it gently back and forth until I got there.  I cut it back a couple of weeks ago.  The petunias were looking too shabby.   They're starting to recover but we've gone down to 42 degrees at night and the annuals aren't too happy with those temps.  There were reports of frost already but I think we'll be safe for a while.

Have you heard of any frosts in your region yet?

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Friday, September 12, 2014

My Roses are Pink my Hydrangeas are not Blue- Walk With Me and I'll Show you!

Yep no red roses here just pink and no blue hydrangeas!

 It's okay I love pink so I'm good!

The bugs got at it in late July and riddled holes in the leaves but it began a 2nd growth spurt and all the new leaves are fine.  Too bad I didn't notice that hose!  I'm so used to seeing it I don't even notice it!

I've always enjoyed this rose.  The buds are deeper in color and are so perfect you want to preserve them.  

Notice the rose that centered itself right between the three legs of this trellis.  The ornamental grass is heavy with seed and tends to lay over on anything it can find to rest on.

An older bloom…the flower will continue to fade to a soft pastel as it ages…kind of like us humans!

I put in some Foxgloves this summer and to my surprise I have a 2nd round of flowers blooming!  I think they're so cute and quite a treat to have!  

A lone survivor.  A few years ago I picked up a miniature Black Eyed Susan plant.  I  think I weeded out the plants not knowing what they were this spring.  This little one popped up in the alyssum.  I kept picking out grass that kept showing up in the alyssum and somehow this little guy made it!

My Autumn Joy Sedum is just starting to flower.

Nearby is an ornamental Kale that came back.  I didn't know it would come back and was surprised to see it!  It doesn't look like much- something chewed on it a but I still enjoyed that it came back!

Along side the garage the planters are doing great.  The sweet potato vine really rook over.  I'm not sure I'll use that again in the window box planters. 

 The geraniums did their best to survive!  I enjoy these fancy ones- their pretty little florets look like they've been air brushed wish color!

These fuchsia plants did okay but not as good as I would have hoped.  The Bacopa plant that I mixed with it blooms really tiny flowers which are cute but I think I like the more traditional Bacopa better.  

Dan's assault on the weeds really works!  It's all trimmed back now and looks great once again!

My Althea Hibiscus Krystal Blue- Rose of Sharon is finally blooming.  It had a tremendously slow start this spring and I wouldn't have been surprised if it didn't make it after last winter but it did!

I'm considering moving this Limelight Hydrangea to another spot late this fall.  The weeping Mulberry to the left has grown so large that it's made this area too crowded.

It's always a good bloomer.  It doesn't mind it either if I cut it back which I may opt to do this fall instead of moving it.  I haven't trimmed it much for the past 3 years and it's really gotten large.

To the side of the house are some burning bushes which you can see are starting to turn color.  

I cut some of the Annabelle Hydrangeas and hung them up under this window box.  These are under the eves but I should move them indoors since we have more rain coming our way.

These three were the largest ones.  They are each the size of a dinner plate!  

That big pot is where I hide my hose for watering things on the deck. I pulled it out from under the window box area because I couldn't get to it!  Yes that is a lobster trap behind there.  We picked it up on a trip to Connecticut in 1999 and it's been stored in our little barn.  I decided to put it outside to get a little age on it.  It was too "new" looking.

This picture was taken about a few weeks ago.  I may end up staining it anyway so it doesn't much matter.  It was supposed to get turned into a coffee table for my nautical room but it never happened.  How I'm thinking of it with a glass top and making it an accent table.  

I borrowed one of the garden benches from out back by the fountain to add to my fall display.  This will evolve as the weeks go by.  I've already got it in my head to shuffle a few pieces around! The pumpkins aren't ready yet to cut- their still ripening.  I know this because they featured a local farmer this morning about it!!  I always love adding some pumpkins and gourds as autumn sets in.
I sold a piece of furniture and the woman that came for it brought her mother.  They asked to tour my gardens and made me feel good about my efforts!  Good thing Dan had gotten those ugly weeds killed off on the patio!  I rarely have "live" visitors so I enjoy it when someone comes by that appreciates my gardening.

Thank you for all your visits!  I was so surprised to have multiple comments the other day and I didn't even join a blog party!  I've been pre-occupied a lot lately and haven't had time for many visits so I haven't joined the parties.  I'll try to get around and visit more!



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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


The patio area is looking pretty shaggy!  The grass and weeds have been their worst this year.  It seems as time has passed dirt has accumulated into the grouted areas between the stones and more and more plant life has been growing.
Dan found a way to knock back the grass and weeds with this torch and it's very effective for a while but they just keep coming back.  

Next year we hope to remove the grouting and try a different method in hopes that it will stay free of plant life.

Another shaggy member is my overgrown Dusty Miller.  I put red geraniums in there too but you'd hardly know it!  Some of you may remember I trimmed it back quite a bit but it didn't take long and it was out of control once again!

So I yanked out nearly every single one of the Dusty Miller's and found that the Geranium plants had more body to them than I expected.  It's late but now they'll have a chance to look better!

My big planters out in front of the garage have become shaggy with the Supertunias that have done very well.   They're about 4' across!

My husband thought I should show a reference of size so he offered to zip in there for a picture when he was out mowing!  LOL… 

Last year I removed the plants and re-potted the planters for fall with mums.  I haven't made up my mind as to what I'll be doing yet.  Lowe's and Home Depot sell a bunch of real small ones that I could plant around that spike plant in the center that you can barely see.  

This is a new planter on the deck that I planted with two different colored mums and some kale.  I picked mums that were only just beginning to bloom so they'll last a lot longer.
I got the idea to plant this combination after I saw some small pots at the garden center.  I found this imitation whiskey barrel at Lowe's and decided to use that for a casual country look for fall!

 I emptied out a pot that had some Browallia in it and popped them in the back of this pot for added color!

Do you ever replant your planters for fall?


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Monday, September 8, 2014

September Morn...

What a beautiful September morning! We're experiencing wonderful weather- mid 70's during the day, dry and sunny.  We had a lot or rain last week- in fact 4 1/2" overnight on Thursday!  Needless to say the grass is green as can be.
I snapped off a few pictures this morning while the sun was dancing through the trees onto the patio and garden area. 

I wandered back to the fountain and the water was glistening

The water was splashing and toppling over the edge- the rain fall had filled it up quite high

My planters have done fairly well.  These begonia's tended to spread out wide rather than go up higher like the ones I had in previous years.  Leaves are always falling and collect in this area very easily.

This one is has branched out enough to reach the bench and cling to the armrest

The hostas have been blooming away and I need to trim out the finished stems from the flowers.

Soon this landscape will change to golden yellows and browns- I love the colors of fall I just don't like to think about what follows!

The PeeGee Hydrangea flowered more than I expected

It is not happy here and I will be removing it late fall.  PeeGee's love a lot more sun than what this one is getting so I hope to relocate it to a better spot.

It seems like every year I only get 3 blossoms on this Cityline Paris Hydrangea

I love the florets- a strong pink with little white dots!

Across the sidewalk is another hydrangea called Forever & Ever Red Hydrangea.  I transplanted it early in the spring from a spot near the bird feeders where it was barely getting along.  It's more than quadrupled in size but where are the flowers?

Hiding underneath is one flower that is barely there.  I'm hoping next year it will bloom nicely since it will have been established for a year in it's new location.

The sweet potato vine has grown out like Rapunzel's hair.  I lost the little orange begonias that were in there to mildew so I tossed them away.  The Browallia was unaffected and has filled in.

Everything has grown like crazy and it's almost jungle like!  The morning glories have filled the left side of the arbor but no flowers so far.  The Sweet Autumn Clematis filled the right side and top area and should be blooming anytime.  It's the lack of sun that prevents better blooms.  I've cut a lot of the Limelight Hydrangeas on the right side and gifted them to my daughter, her boyfriend's mother and myself!


I hope September is starting out nicely for you too!

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