Monday, June 29, 2015

A Wagon, an Arbor and what else- Flowers!

I went out early Sunday morning with a cup of coffee in hand and my camera to wait for the sun to come working it's way through the back yard.

My focus was on this little red wagon that I just added to my garden.
I did some research and it would appear that it's from the 1930's or 1940's.  

I lined it heavily with pine straw to make a barrier between the planters and the base.  These are made with zinc so I think they'll last a long time too.  They're very modern but with the pine straw and the plants they won't be the focus.

I also moved my arbor that's been along the flagstone pathway that leads to the patio.  It didn't work out to be at the end of the path like I had hoped.  The angles were all wrong and so was the width.  
Of course I didn't measure so that's my fault but since I had pulled it out of the ground I made a commitment to relocate it.
I potted these two planters with the same flowers that went in the wagon and some Wandering Jew which I've never done before.  I hope it grows well outdoors!

I took random shots while sitting there.  The sun was highlighting the cherub on the garden bench.

I noticed the Japanese Painted Ferns were popping through.  I had thoughts of moving them this year but never got around to it.  The Creeping Jenny plant has been prolific.

There is a variety of Begonias in here with some Lamium.

Here's a better shot showing the arbor in the evening.  I am going to give it a try here and see if I can live with it.  I never had that great of luck growing vines on it or my climbing rose because there wasn't enough sun. 

The sun only hits this back area for about an hour. 

The Creeping Jenny is flowering- I think it's a cute little flower!

Dan finally got the fountain going last weekend.  He had to pull out the old pump and rewire a new one in.  
Periodically I come out and sit on the garden bench and rock back and forth a while but after a while the mosquitoes discover me so I have to give up and leave.

As I walked back my "two girls" were checking out the ground by the bird feeders.  They are regular visitors here.  

 I just noticed that the pollen is really caked on the gas grill cover.  Another cleaning job in the wait!

These petunias finally started blooming like crazy!  

 This little pot is starting to take off nicely!  

This picture is more true to the color

I'm in love with this Diascia Dangenpin (Genta Pink).  The tag said it would give continuous blooms and once it started it sure has been blooming like crazy!  There is a Geranium hiding in the center that I'm still waiting to see flower again and some sweet potato vine that's taking it's time growing.  The white plant is Diamond Frost (Euphorbia graminea) - a great accent plant.

Well - that's enough for now!


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Friday, June 19, 2015

Birds, Butterflies and Blooms!

A few random pictures of the garden

I followed this busy Swallowtail Butterfly around trying to get a shot of it. 
 It was going crazy feeding on the Dianthus.

This Robin nested here on our light fixture and lost her eggs to a crow.  We went away for a few days and came back to find out her nest had been ravaged.  I had run off the crow before but I think it figured out we were gone.  She came back and this time was more successful in raising her brood.  She wasn't very happy with me taking pictures.  I suppose the big black camera and lens seems a bit imposing.

The Rose Breasted Grosbeaks and Cardinals are constant visitors. 

The kids gave me this little garden/tea cart that was green.  I painted it black and finally got it outside to use.  The little clay pot guy was found at Cracker Barrel.  I was always going to make a life sized one but never did so this little guy will have to do! 

 The planter with the impatiens has really taken off.   Loving the look of this and I'm sure I'll repeat this look each year.  

Empress Wu- sooooo slow to get going.  I heard it could take 8 years to be mature.  I'm thinking I might dig and move some of the nearby hostas to give it more room in hopes it will start growing more vigorously.  My other hostas have filled in quite heavily so I can move them with little feeling of loss.

You can see Empress Wu on the right size just barely taller than these.  There is a mix of Bright Lights and Gold Standard hostas grouped together here.  

 All of these I had dug and split and spread around back when we created this area for the fountain.
You can see my post about that "here"  Our pump for the fountain pooped out and is being replaced.  We just opened it up but haven't got it running yet.

I put in this Astrantia (Masterwort) Star of Fire several years ago and love it.  I enjoy each phase of the flower and it blooms into August- can't beat that!

In the early evening the sun reaches this back area for a brief time.  
This year I opted not to put the flowers all the way around the fountain area because the hostas were covering them up so much it didn't seem worth the effort.  I popped in some of the orange wax begonias that I used in the planter up on the deck on the right side but only a few feet worth.

Lastly we added a shepherds hook with two lanterns for a new accent to the garden.  I got the idea when I saw my friend Linda's blog.   She did a walk through of the gorgeous landscaping around her home in California as seen "here"
I've got a bun on to move this arbor several feet down the garden path to the entry of the patio.  This year the clematis and rose that grow on it have barely started so I won't be destroying much of anything.  

Well that's all for now- wishing you a wonderful weekend!  



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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Portland and Roses

Our visit to Portland, Oregon
 Did you know it's known as the City of Roses!  Boy they sure do grow them well out there and it seemed like just about every house had some growing in their yards. They all looked so healthy and bug free too.

We went to the International Rose Test  Garden which is amazing.  I snapped dozens of pictures which I'm going to flood the page with.  

 I wasn't in the park 10 seconds and spotted this one that is totally unique!
Rock & Roll Grandiflora Rose

Just to prove to you that I really was there- a little haggard but I was there!

 This one had the most amazing smell of them all. 
New Zealand Hybrid Tea Rose

The sizes of some of these were just huge- 6 to 8 inches across!

 Daughter wasn't too thrilled to pose for me but I begged.

Stunning colors

These were amazing.  As they continue to open they get more ruffly.

I wished we had been there early in the morning.  I think my pictures would have been better.  
These red roses we gorgeous but the picture doesn't do them justice.

This is literally a testing ground for new roses.  They've been issuing Gold Medal awards since 1919 for the ones they select.  

 It was hard to get a picture without anyone in it.  I had to snap fast and generally didn't have a 2nd opportunity for another one.  

 There wasn't anyone around to ask questions but I was curious how they feed them and prevent bugs from eating them.  Everything was in perfect shape and seemed disease free.

 These were interesting.  Multiple flower heads appearing as one big one- they remind me of hydrangeas.

This big archway was in constant use for photos.  

We didn't even finish the whole garden tour.  It was unusually hot there so we had to cut it a bit short.  

Of course we did a lot of other things but I thought I'd share this bounty of pictures of the roses with my gardening friends!


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