Friday, July 31, 2015

Cottage Fairy Garden 2015

Nestled in my garden this year's Cottage Fairy Garden has taken on the whimsical feeling that I wanted.
The white alyssum has filled in like a hedge and given the character I wanted.

The copper garden cart under the arbor holds clay pots ready for planting.  All my fairies are gardeners!

Just beyond the arbor is a spot to rest in the shade and enjoy a some petite sandwiches and a drink prepared by the fairies!

This one must be a teenager- she's content to sleep a lot!

Always something to plant or tend to!

This fairy with her rake made me think of Cinderella so she has to be near the magical pumpkin carriage!

The footbridge provides a quick hop over the pond. The fairies are always busy tending the plants!

The whimsical dining set on the tree stump.  I had to lift the hydrangeas a bit so it's visible.
Another teenage fairy sleeping- haha!  

That's pretty much it here at the Cottage Fairy Garden!

Everything is at peak around here in the gardens.  I wish I could make it last twice as long!

The last of my lilies blooming.  
This is (dwarf) Oriental Lily Angelique- I like that it doesn't get very tall and it has the sweetest face on it!

Thank you for visiting and your kind comments!


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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Vinegar, Epsom Salt, Dish Soap Weed Killer

Well the jury is out as to how effective this homemade weed killer is.
This was taken approximately 24 hrs after it was applied.
Yes it did seem to kill off the moss and weeds for the most part.

Some of the plants weren't affected.

A few days later and there are signs of new growth again.

Dan did a bit of reading up on this and found that it doesn't seem to last long.  I'm still watching it to see how things go.  He had a pretty good success rate by using his propane flame torch and will probably go back to using that.  Lets face it weeds are the bane of our gardens and yards!  


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Monday, July 27, 2015

Updates on the Planters and Perennials

The new planter with the big metal sphere has gone wild!  I'm wondering if I should go ahead and trim the plants back or leave it alone.  The sphere has disappeared and I'm surprised how tall some of these got.   
This weekend the patio is getting treated to kill off the grass and weeds that aren't supposed to be there. Every time Dan wanted to spray we were going to get rain and we'd like a few days of dryness before the surface is soaked again.  I mentioned before we're going to try that mix with the Epsom salts, vinegar and dish soap.  I've read it's very effective!

The white Sunpatiens have done great- though they wilt so easily.  They don't tolerate getting dry.

Just beyond them you can see the purple petunias which have become huge.

I am tickled with how this Polka Dot Plant (Hypoestes) has takeoff. The dangling Dichondra looks like water falling which was my goal since the cute little planter had that big fake water drop hanging from it!  I suppose I should nip back that long branch that shot out but in person it looks cute.

I found this plant growing out of the side of a planter.   I took my chances and transplanted it.  It looked dead for a couple of days but sprung back to life and now it's flowering daily so soon I will find out what it is.  The dirt I used in the planter came from out back near a composted pile of leaves and pumpkins.  The flower is large and kind of an orange/yellow so I'm kind of thinking it's going to be a  pumpkin plant.  

The campanula has been flowering now for a couple of weeks.  The center looks like something laid in it so now it's sort of spread into a U shape.

The hostas are blooming all around here.  
When I planted these hostas they stayed small for a good while but have gotten large and threatening a takeover of the pathway!  The satiable is just getting going- should make a good sow soon!

Apparently I needed more hostas!  I saw a plant at a store that wanted a ghastly amount for them so I checked with my local "Hosta Lady" and she had some.  These are called Gypsy Rose.  Now I need to find a spot for them!   They are hard to find so I'm glad I got some.   Next year they'll look a lot better.  Looks like I could split these into four plants!

The geraniums in this planter by the garage finally started to bloom like crazy!    

The day lilies have been blooming away too.  

Sunday Gloves

By the house my planters are doing great.  
The rooster statue got a new paint job.  I decided to use white this year for several things.  

 When I chose the colors for this planter this year I decided to go all white to represent milk!

I've always thought the "flying pig" was such a cute symbol of optimism!
The pink watering can was pre planted when I got it and both the geranium and begonias have been doing great.

 These planters are going great.  I was hoping the yellow petunias would show more but I think the star flower plant may be too much competition for it in the size pot it's in.  The fuchsia is a big plant and owns a lot of real estate in the pot too.

 Both of these planters are growing like crazy.  My "Portland" Cha Ching petunias that I brought home with me are doing great.  The licorice (Splash) plants I put with it have taken over a bit but their mingling nicely!  The fiber optic grass has overpowered the white alyssum which is increasingly hard to see.  The begonias are holding their own- I may have to do some grooming of the grass- we'll see!  

I'm in love with this combo.  The Diascia (Genta Pink) has been performing non stop for a while along with the Euphoriba.   The Tri-color Sweet Potato Vine is my new favorite! The geraniums (So Amazing Neon) finally started to bloom- sure have been slow!

Out back on the arbor the planters are filling out nicely.  As you can see the wandering jew is doing great.  

At the right height you can really see a lot of growth.

 The plants in the little red wagon are going great.  I was out here around 8 a.m. and the sun peaked through and highlighted the flowers for me just in time!

I love how the ivy is spreading out too.  

So that's a quick update on the planters and perennials!


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Friday, July 24, 2015

Annabelle Happiness!

This year my Annabelle Hydrangeas look the best they've ever been!  
I planted this one in 2011 and after 4 years it's matured and looking good.  
 The fairy garden cottage has a new red roof!  I like how it stands out now.  Everything in the garden seems quite happy and flowering nicely.

 To maintain the Annabelle's I was told to cut it down each year in the fall to a few inches.  Obviously the flowers grow off of all new growth so it's not a problem to cut them back.  Each year the stems come up stronger and seem to hold the weight of the flower even better than before.  
I give this hydrangea a big *10* that's for sure!
 This flower pot with the Gaura (Belleza Dark Pink) has taken off nicely.  I am in love with the Gaura plant but it does get tall and needs some support.  I have some bamboo sticks hidden in there but somehow it escaped the props so I need to help it again.  That is a pink bacopa (Secrets XXL Central Pink) in the front that I love too!  The alyssum has carpeted the sides and the blue salvia (Sky blue) has filled out nicely.

 These measure 10 to 12" across!

The fairy garden tree stump is fully shaded now.
Something keeps eating my violas so they aren't doing much.

 This one has molded itself into the arm of one of the path lights

 Before long they will start to turn green and when they get real papery looking I can cut them to dry for arrangements.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a great weekend!

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Lily time once again!

The lilies are blooming all around the yard.
This area near the granite bird bath is my "pink" garden

I try to list the plants in the "label" area if you don't see it listed on the post look there.

I had to encase the rose bush (what's left after bunny ate most of it).  There is one bud close to opening on it.  

I have mostly pink flowers, some deeper wine colors and white.   Somehow one of my white lilies made it down here (It's nestle next to a very pale pink one).  I think the chipmunks have been re-landscaping for me.

This planter has grown a lot.  There are some orange petunias in the center but they are barely blooming right now.  I think they are fighting for little space.  I trimmed the fiber optic grass away from the center to see if it would helps these petunias to get larger and make their presence known!  The crazy flying pig is set up like a weather vane and spins around when it's windy!  

 I came across this over the weekend.  Look at the size of the flower!  I hope it will come back for me each year.  It's called Cappuccino Gloriosa Daisy (Rudbeckia/Blackeyed Susan's)

I put it out with my "orange-yellow garden" which is by the driveway.  The soil has always been rich over here- seems to be an area never touched by any modernization over the years.  Look at that rich black dirt!

 I moved all these two toned lilies over here in 2012.  The plain orange ones are some I've had in this area sine the early 90's and have withstood abuse from several garden transformations.

The lily of the valley plants keep spreading out.  I really don't want them here since they are invasive and can choke out other plants. 

 On the other side of the driveway is our island. The Cranesbill/ perennial geraniums have been blooming for a while and I really didn't take much in the way of pictures when the peonies were blooming.  There's a few white ones that were just about done when I took this. 

Max Frei Cranesbill

These yellow lilies were blooming for a good while but a pretty much done now.  I took these pics over a week ago.  This big blue spruce tree has gotten so much larger than I ever anticipated.  I hate to trim the bottom branches away because I love how it looks with their branches all the way to the ground but I know why people do it.  We've enlarged this island a few times to give it more room but there's a limit to doing that.  

The delphiniums are looking fabulous but as you can see below the rain can cause problems with them.

 The poor delphiniums are bent over from the rain we got.  Hopefully I can get them standing with some more staking.  We created this island to help reduce some road noise and give us something to look at other than the road in front of our home.  I'd like to take it way over towards the woods but our septic field lays over there and we don't want to create any issues with it.  
The daisies are just starting to open up and the coreopsis is doing fabulous this year.  Each plant is full and larger!  Yay!  

 Zagreb Coreopsis, Veronica Speedwell

This Butterfly Weed plant is a favorite for butterflies and bees.

In May when this weeping cherry should have been flowering I thought I had lost it.  The pathetic look of the leaves and lack of flowers sure made me think it was another loss.  

I'm happy to report that after I trimmed it and made sure it got watered a lot it's looking much better.  I lost some of the longer draping branches but I'm sure in time it will recover.  The Stella de Oro day lilies have been blooming great this year too.  
(Our flag pole is not crooked, but I cropped this from a larger picture and this was on the end of the curve that's created from the lens and somehow it seems to make it look quite crooked!)  

Out back again- The Annabelle Hydrangeas are performing beautifully!  

Final thoughts...
Isn't this the truth!
Have a great week!


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