Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pajama Shots

I sit sipping my coffee in the morning and stare out at the backyard. When the sun is up and briefly shining on the garden I think to myself you should get out there and take some pictures especially before we have a frost.  So I did…I went out in my P.J.'s!   Shhh… I don't think the neighbors saw me!! 
It is only 43 degrees this morning so I didn't stay out long.
I can feel autumn's push coming.

As a comparison
When I first planted them.  The red cordyline spikes have basically disappeared.  Note to self- don't bother planting them with impatiens!

If I had a longer growing season I'd trim these back but we'll have a frost before long and these will be done quickly so I won't bother.

As a comparison
Underneath the impatiens is the wire frame that has all but disappeared.

This wasn't so much about the sun highlighting it but the pretty blue salvia next to the limelight hydrangeas is pretty and I hadn't taken any pictures of them yet.

I'm sticking this in though it was taken last week after one of the rains we had.

As a comparison
The white alyssum disappeared.  The was begonias did great.  I have become very fond of them because they are easy to grow and reliable.

 The wandering jew has taken over!  It really grew a lot recently- I think it liked all the rain we got.

As a comparison

As a comparison
I first planted the wagon in mid June

The country girl in me….


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