Thursday, October 8, 2015

Autumn and the End of the Growing Season

Well, once again it's that season. Autumn has crept in and the days and nights have chilled off.
My annual plants are still alive but the perennials are on their way down for the season.

The wax begonias took over the planter.  The white alyssum and the other fiber optic grasses have been overwhelmed by them.  I do like how it turned out and have decided that wax begonias are high on my list now for plants to grow.  They're not fussy and do well in various locations.  

Every year I put out some pumpkins and gourds.

I clustered my planters together and made a little vignette.  I've discarded some of the annuals like the very large fuchsia's that were in the tall black urns.  We went to out Farmer's Market and I picked up all the pumpkins and gourds during 3 different visits.  The leaves from the ash tree are already falling down so I swept a few up to add to the vignette.  Dan is way at the back of the picture blowing leaves.  I had to stop him from blowing these away!

My primrose decided to bloom again.  I'm not all that familiar with growing them but I take it they like cooler weather.

This may be the last rose of the season.  We haven't had a frost yet but it won't be long.
(Queen Elizabeth, Grandiflora)

I'll leave this early morning picture from a few days ago as my last.

I hope everybody is doing well and are enjoying the beginning of autumn.  
Thank you to those who have visited me this summer and left comments.  I have been negligent on visiting everyone and do apologize.  Perhaps next spring and summer I'll find more time!


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