Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy January!

Happy New Year everyone and I hope your holidays were great.  Ours was difficult since my brother in-law passed on the 23rd- another victim of cancer.  It was expected but especially difficult with Christmas so near.  
 I brought this arrangement back from the funeral.  I had yellow flowers poked in it but they're gone now.  I'll see how the plants do.  My plan was to use this outdoors in the summertime.  I'll think of Jim each time I look at it.

Before we were leaving to be with the family I snapped a quick shot of the amaryllis because I wasn't sure if it would still be blooming when we got back.  It became so tall I had to stake it.
When we got back home it was still blooming and was much larger since the 2nd stem of flowers had opened up.  Our furnace had quit and the house was rather cold which may have slowed down the plant a bit.  Thankfully Dan was able to fix it but it took hours for the house to warm up.

Such a delight to see in the midst of winter.  
 It was supposed to be Royal Velvet (red) but after looking it up on the internet I've decided this one is called Orange Sovereign.  Not my first choice for the holidays but still pretty.   A bonus 3rd stem came up and it's about ready to bloom!  Overall by the time it's done blooming I will have had a month of flowers from this one bulb. 

Did you grow anything to bloom like paperwhites or such?  I've decided not to grow paperwhites any longer because I really do not like their smell.  They are cute and easy to grow so I understand the attraction.

Winter finally found us after a very long easy going start.  I knew it was too good to be true that we had no snow and even the temps were very moderate.  We're about 43" behind our usual total at this point.  Believe me- I'm not complaining!  Next week the arctic air is moving in and it will feel like January.

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