Saturday, April 30, 2016

Turkey Entertainment

Good Saturday morning! 

Old Tom Turkey and his ladies came out of the woods to visit.  He is trying desperately to get their attention.

 Oh good- a response... 

Darn... I guess not

Ladies.... see me!!!  Hello..... 

Hmph....they're ignoring me

Let's head off this way- maybe he'll get the message and leave us alone!

 I see you...come back!

 Darn it all!

Hmmm..... perhaps I need to perfect my skills!

I'm going out to clean up more of the beds and enjoy a nice day.
I hope you have a great one too!
Happy Spring!

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Spring Finally Sprang

Since I last wrote on my blog we had a couple of snow storms and a warm up and then back to the frigid temps and finally it seems like all that nonsense is over and spring has sprung!

 The purple Primrose came back from last year and just started shooting out flowers which I was so grateful to see.  I just added the pink and yellow ones- now that I know they're hardy enough to come back I'm willing to invest more into them.  A rabbit has eaten off my tulips already but the daffodils are working their way up. 

We made a trip to Home Depot for supplies so of course I had to meander out in the garden center.  These violas cried out to me- take me, take me, you know you want me!  So I obliged!

Even though we have to empty off the lawn furniture to re-stain the deck we just couldn't resist bringing all of it out.  Aren't these the sweetest faces!

In my ever so delicate way I was trying to remove debris from the winter and ended up breaking off a crocus so of course I rushed in the house and put it in the little tiny vase.

Happy Spring Everybody!

I'm Joining:
Spring Garden Party

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