Thursday, June 23, 2016

While I Was Gone

We hit the 94-95 deg. and things really moved along.

 When we left last Friday to be gone for a few days these pink peonies were happily blooming.  I didn't stake them this year- just let them be natural.

While we were gone they finished and the white ones bloomed but they fell onto the hardy geraniums. 

My white ones are the strongest in smell!

Some lilies started blooming

I like their orange color next to the orange marmalade hosta.

This is a red version of my peonies.  I've been really lazy this year about this garden bed.  It takes care of itself but I feel bad that I didn't help the peonies stand up a bit better.

Tiny Bee Asiatic Lily blooming and soon the butterfly weed next to it will be blooming!

This red shrub rose surprises me each year.  The blue spruce is growing larger and larger and it's going to cover it up before long.  Poor thing gets neglected but keeps thriving.

The Stella d'oro day-lilies are just starting. 

Those are coreopsis all along the front. It's going to look magnificent when they bloom!

 These magic fountain delphiniums are just starting to bloom.  I just love them.  They get taller and make quite a show.

The Lemon Princess spirea on the end of the island are blooming and have bees all over them. 

The hydrangeas bulked up in size and I'm delighted they are full of blooms. The left side are Limelight Hydrangeas and the right side are Endless Summer Hydrangeas.

Once they get blooming it's going to be a great display.  Last year I had about 3 flowers.  Last fall I tied them up to help them take the snow load better and I didn't cut them shorter like I usually do.  Our winter wasn't quite as severe either so it looks like a good year for these.

On the deck I planted two of these with morning glories with a small trellis.  I've had bad luck with them in the past hardly blooming because where I had them there just wasn't enough sun.  My plan is that they will grab onto the railing and spread out- should be fun to watch them grow and pretty in the mornings once they start blooming!  Some little green caterpillars have been munching on them and the hydrangeas.

 The Annabelle Hydrangea really grew and has begun shading the fairy garden a lot.  I'm still waiting for the 2nd cottage I ordered.  The red bike is sitting on the pad I made for it.   Notice the green light hanging over the garden?  It looks real cute at night.  I'll have to take some pictures at night and show you!

The pink dianthus suddenly started blooming too!  Everything got larger in the fairy garden!

 This is a gold flame spirea.  I really cut it down last fall so I wasn't sure if I'd even seen blooms but it's starting to look pretty.

I'm so happy that I've seen a lot more butterflies this year than I have in a while.  Last year it seemed like I hardly saw any.  We also have had a lot of dragon flies and they seemed early this year.  Must be something to do with the temperatures.
Canadian Tiger Swallowtail (missing part of a wing)

Well- you all have a great upcoming weekend!

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Walk Around The Yard and Gardens

I did a walk around the gardens and snapped a few photos.
 My french lilac topiary tree continued blooming and since it was the best I've ever seen it I just couldn't resist taking lots of pictures.

The fragrance has been amazing.  Butterflies have been visiting it and I'm very thankful to have enjoyed it's beauty this year!

On the side of our driveway where I planted things to create an alcove of privacy these  Donald Wyman Lilacs have done their job.  They're a very late bloomer and have a nice fragrance but only if you come up to them closely to smell.

These Summer Wine Ninebark shrubs are coming up very poorly this year. We had a somewhat dry spring early on but these have been here for 3 years and they're supposed to be somewhat drought tolerant.  

 The island out front.  These are some spirea (Lemon Princess or Gold Mound) are a great filler next to the Limelight Hydrangea. I cut that down severely last fall and crossed my fingers that it would come back okay.  So far it has leafed out nicely so I'm hoping for the best!

 The peonies are ripe!

These hardy geraniums (Max Frei-Cranesbill) are the best- so reliable and not fussy.

 There are daisies coming and the purple salvia has started to bloom.

The Zagreb Coreopsis are getting larger every year which I love.  I think it will be a few weeks before they're in full bloom.

This hosta is called Orange Marmalade.  It's been a slow grower but always looks nice.  

The columbine are blooming.  

Butterfly weed will be blooming and the Stella D'Oro Lilies that outline part of the island are coming along nicely.  The blue oat grass is always reliable.

The giant blue delphinium is coming along nicely but a ways off before blooms.

This weigela was getting very unattractive with it's shape so last summer I really shaped it up after it was done blooming.  It's not loaded with blooms this year but it's shape is far more attractive.

The iris have been blooming very nicely too.

Nearby my frog planter is filling out nicely.  This guy makes me smile!!

Out back I re-arranged this area a bit.  The old wagon got moved to the right side and the garden bench that we finally had re-finished is now sitting by the maple tree. 

We had it sand blasted, welded back together and powder coated so the finish should stay good for a long time now.  This is a cameo back garden bench circa 1910-1920.

The impatiens are just starting to grow and so is the ivy.  Should be looking good before long.

I'll give your eyes a rest and end this here though I have more pictures to come!

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