Friday, October 14, 2016

Fall has arrived- planting iris and tulips!

  Hello everybody!
I've been remiss with my garden blog lately!

I got behind because late in September we became grandparents for the first time!
A mad 12 hour dash over to Pennsylvania ensued when we got the word and of course we are thrilled with our new Grandson Joseph!

 Our son's hand behind held by his new son's tiny fingers.

Mother and father with baby at the hospital
A professional photographer came by and took some wonderful pictures.  Certainly more exciting than the ones we got when the kids were born!

I think I floated on a cloud for two weeks after coming back.  I wish we were closer but now that they've moved back from Oregon they'll be about 2000 miles closer to us and we can visit more easily!

I dug up my iris to split them up and ended up with more than I could replant so I put a listing on Craigslist for free and got a quick response.   A kind man stopped by the next day and took them.  Made me feel good rather than dumping them to waste away out back. 

 I took a snapshot before I started breaking the fairy garden down for the season.

  I pretty well gutted it.  The bricks were in the ground under the cement cottages.   I cut the Annabelle Hydrangea real short like I do every year which you can see below.

I've started a new bed in this area with the orange iris planted on the right side.   I have some tulips I'm going to put in too on the left side.  

I put the little fence pieces up to remind my hubby because when he starts clearing leaves I don't want him to walk through here.

 This is a new pink iris that I have planted over in the "pink" garden.  Can't want to see it next spring!

 I've removed the petunias from the frog planter and the Vinca Vine is still going strong.  I've emptied the deck of it's flowers and planters too.  

We're having pretty nice weather and still haven't had a frost.  It did get down to 36ยบ last night but we're heading into another warm up and comfortable evening temps in the 50's.   This is  the best summer I remember in years and I loved it.  

The trees out back are just beginning to show signs of changing.  The ash tree is letting go and leaves and floating all over the place from it. 

We've been working to save this ash tree from destruction by the emerald ash tree borer.  I've mentioned it before on the blog but for those who don't know about it we've been having an arborist do injections on it with a product that works it's way up the tree and kills off the borer.  It works because one year we saw hundreds of them on the ground after one of the injections.  We just don't know if they damaged the tree enough to kill it.  Only time will tell.

My yearly fall "deckorating".  

Thanks for visiting me this year and I hope you've enjoyed this past summer as much as I did!


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